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Found it

Indeed, without the full context, it's hard to tell if it's "look, I'm jewish" as in "first they came for the jews and I said nothing because i'm not a jew" kind of point, or if he means it, like that's it, he's jewish

Here is one where he says both (jew and not) with a little more context

This one while unrelated is where he calls the talmud satanism

And today... The only form of judaism that rejects the talmud is karaite judaism which is quasi non existent

Karaites at one time made up a significant proportion of the Jewish population.[5] Estimates of the Karaite population are difficult to make because they believe on the basis of Genesis 32 that counting Jews is forbidden. In the 21st century, some 30,000–50,000 are thought to reside in Israel, with smaller communities in Turkey, Europe and the United States.[6] Another estimate holds that, of the 50,000 worldwide, more than 40,000 descend from those who made aliyah from Egypt and Iraq to Israel.[7] The largest Karaite community today resides in the Israeli city of Ashdod.[8]

So either jones is a satanist, a karaite which is unlikely, an hypocrite jew, or not a jew at all

Still, it's quite obvious there's a jewish lobby in the US that "owns the congress"

And jones knows it, it's impossible that he doesn't know, I do, and he knows as much as I do at least, he knows who michael scheuer is, he knows his stance on the matter

And at the same time he considers talmud satanism, and all jews consider talmud as sacred text


I mean, duh? Isn't he like satanists are running the US sometimes?

Begs questions, a lot