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we all know who robbed him.

A NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome job Lowe's I went into the first Lowe's a few months back. I definitely noticed the difference between them and Home Depot. I definitely like Lowe's much more. #Team Lowes

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If lowes carried Milwaukee tools I would be all about them.

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Maybe I'm in the wrong area. All the home depot's I go to are great and the Lowe's are shit.

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I've been to many different areas and all the Lowe's have been better than the home depot's. They act like you're a nuisance/they have more important things to do. The Lowe's are run very much like chikfila, customer service and cleanliness wise.

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Could be the areas and I could see what you're saying.

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Just give him a pistol and a few boxes of ammo.

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"Dude, I wanted a juicer."

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God damn niggers.

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Pretty awesome. Lowe's is literally my favorite place to shop.