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It isn't the lack of guns, but the lack of will.

A good old fashioned literal torches and pitchforks mob would do them wonders.

As Cave Johnson famously said ,When life gives you lemons, you burn life's fucking house down.


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My theory is that everyone that gave a fuck about freedom went to the US, Australia and New Zealand long ago. The current population is concentrated cuckold genetics.


[–] GapingAnus 3 points 1 points (+4|-3) ago 

This is nationalist masturbation without substance. I would suggest you take a look at your own demographics and criminal statistics. For every acid attack the brits have, you have a race riot or other general chimput. Also, do note that the US is the absolute epicenter of this radfem SJW nonsense that is being imported to Europe. It always starts in the US and some of you complain loudly about it but you never really seem to take up arms against your own government the way you want everyone else to do against theirs. I suspect that what you really want is entertainment at other people's expense and not a solution at all.

Meanwhile, Europe, after being BTFO in two major wars, spent decades being pitted against each other by two superpowers hellbent on fighting proxy wars all over the globe and some other (((interests))) who wanted to hobble the idea of European unity and sense of community by usurping the EU and turning it into a bureaucratic mess. Considering any reasonable metrics of well-developed nations, I think most European states are doing quite well with the hand they've been dealt and, in many cases, a lot better than the US, Australia and New Zealand. There are serious problems and some political parties and trends that need to go but that's the case in every country. I don't have any "sanctuary cities" in my country and the deportation of illegals is an uncontroversial issue. Not so in the US, land of the oh so free.

You see the splinter in the eyes of your brother but not the log in your own. Most of the challenges currently facing Europe have been forced upon us by a culture-war waged by the US and Israel for decades and having to re-build Eastern European countries that were absolutely FUBAR after decades of communist rule.

And the less you said about genetics, the better it would be for you, I think.