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That's fucking ridicules. You don't have an acid problem, you have a Muslim problem, fucking deal with it!

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The sand people, while easily startled, will soon return and in numbers.

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Look at the stats - these attacks are mostly done by White men. Try to rise above needing to pin everything on Muslims and you will be able to be taken seriously when you introduce new ideas

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Ah...yeah right.

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I hope they have a loicense to carry that much water.

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i doubt they even have a liezenz for that use of so much printed english language

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I don't get it, why don't they just pass comprehensive acid legislature?

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Good idea, if they just banned assault acid used in attacks and made acid free zones, how could anyone possibly get acid attacked again?

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They did. For some strange reason it turns out criminals don't obey the law.

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How's them gun laws?

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Still keeping the victims from responding in proper measure.

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It isn't the lack of guns, but the lack of will.

A good old fashioned literal torches and pitchforks mob would do them wonders.

As Cave Johnson famously said ,When life gives you lemons, you burn life's fucking house down.

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Niggers will steal them before they can be put to good use.

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What a shithole

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Great Britain used to be the apex predator, the greatest Empire Humanity had known, and now it is such a shithole. Surprising. It took only few decades to fuck up everything.

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The future is bleak for Saudi Britannia

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What kind of acid do they use?

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Chloric acid most likely. It's one of the strongest acid, depending on dilution of course, and it's fairly easy to obtain. Personally if I ever was to throw acid in someones face, I'd go for fluoric acid. That is one nasty fucker to work with I tell ya!

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I'm going to assume that the inbread jihadis that are smart enough to work with anything stronger than the thing that is commonly used are the ones pulling strings behind the scenes. And the few that try to work with stronger stuff and aren't smart enough, don't live long enough to get on the news.

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Is that used in soldering?

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Or people start wearing face shields and hazmat suits, like Japanese and their muzzles.

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Chloric is likely the most common, but there have been plenty of sulfuric attacks too.

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part and parcel of inviting subhumans into your country.

Invite the third world, become the third world.

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