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Trump should not have that power. When his terms are up, someone like Horseface Hillary will be president, then what?

Laws that allow companies to own radio spectrum need to be eliminated. Laws that allow companies to monopolize utilities and utility right-of-ways also need to be eliminated.

Eliminate the existing laws that favor media conglomerates.

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Shutting down opposing viewpoints is the quickest path to violence.

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That is why the right is on the warpath right now.

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Eliminate the existing laws that favor media conglomerates.

That sounds suspiciously like communism. Thus the neoliberals won't allow it.

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and then what?

What are they going to do, shut down the vast pro-white media empire? Oh no!

I would happily trade Trump killing off their greatest asset in exchange for the risk of them being able to do the same to something that doesn’t even exist.

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I don't understand this cuckservative talking point any longer.

"We need to be careful for when the shoe is on the other foot"

Why!? Its a fact that "When the shoe is on the other foot" that the left goes completely insane and does everything physically possible to destroy us.

Whether Trump uses this power on them wont matter, they will punish white America for Trump and basically come up with new ways of eradicating us. The best thing for us is if we can create a strict enough divide for a real nationalist to seize power. If we keep trying to play this game of 'polite politics' there will not be a Real American people left to preserve.

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Trust busting. What our country needs is some serious fucking trust busting in nearly every industry. Start with the media. Then focus on other big industries like tech (Google, Facebook) and Pharma (Bayer).

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Rockefeller became more powerful after standard oil was split up; it's not a guarantee.

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Trust busting isn't about destroying people. It's about restoring the market to a competitive state such that consumers benefit. It's possible that both the old companies and the consumers benefit from a trust busting effort.

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When has "trust busting" ever brought a more free and competitive market? All those efforts manage to do is create more three letter agencies which then cooperate with the trusts to block out competition. Like really, are pharmaceutical companies not already regulated enough? How many more FDAs and patent offices will it take to deliver the fairness you promise?

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are you kidding me. monopoly trust busting is always a good idea. monopolies do not lead to good or fair competition

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Long distance changes will be $2.15 per minute. Would you like to continue?

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At&t breakup I think has gone pretty damn well.

When I was kid you rented your phone. .50 a minute long distance.

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Trustbusting PLUS an Internet Bill of Rights. That's forever and should be written into the constitution.

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Make it happen. Start a site with only documented evidence that is reliable linked to it.

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The government should not be allowed the power to shut down the media. That is a blatant violation of the first amendment and it would be used for evil.

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43% of Republicans are idiots then. Shutting down media outlets is not the answer. Dis-spelling the fake news is. What happens when someone those 43% of Republicans don't support/agree with has the power?

Don't fall into the "punish them for wrong think" trap. Be smarter than they are.

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How do you dispel fake news when you been deplatformed and have no voice?

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Quite easily: Go into competition and make your own platform.

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simple. invade their safe spaces. Go to their forums, use "agree and amplify" to sew dissent in their own camps - make sure to demonstrate radical ideas taking their ideologies to the extreme. This will ensure their movement eats itself and is rife with division.

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Shut down the “news” that’s such a horrible idea. You know we change every couple of years right. Give that power to politicians fuck off

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Strengthen both slander/libel law and free speech protections, bring back the fairness doctrine for broadcasters using public airwaves.

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Fairness doctrine favors their position. It would shut down right-wing talk radio while leaving their print media unscathed. That’s exactly why they were trying to bring it back a few years ago.

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The fairness doctrine would only affect the broadcasters, not the hosts, and it would only affect the cable and TV/radio broadcast networks, not internet new media.

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Shut down CENTRALIZED media. Make it illegal to centralize media or use credit card process denial to snuff out competition. Make it illegal for cable companies to dictate what content is on their network and forced to allow anyone to sell their channel on their network.

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Damn, there's still work to do

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