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No shit dude. Fox has a constant stream of boomers and kikes on their show. To expect something of them is retarded.

Infowars itself isn't our ally anyways. You're several levels of drunken koolaid deep, my man.

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Who is your fucking ally?

Well, using Voat logic, everybody who doesn't shout nuke Israel 24/7 like a broken drone is a controlled opposition.

There is no ideology, if you say anything other than "gas the kikes/put kikes in the oven and nuke Israel" you are a shill.

There is a fucking big reason why they allowed Voat to be a containment zone honeypot or some sort, because the echo chamber is dominated by brain dead edgy incels who call everybody they disagree with "rabbis" or "JIDF shills."

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This isn't about purity. The poster is on our kill list. Fucking tard.

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Born: February 11, 1974

He's literally a kid... Sometimes I think this site is filled with people still in the pupa stage.

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"or any news outlet"

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Is 'boomers' a dirty word on the right? I don't think so. Watch your back dude.