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Thanks for that. When I looked on front pages, but didn't see anything. The Fox front page still has nothing.


Looking across many still nothing on first page including Fox.

1) But now the NYT has an opinion piece on web page one: "A Better Way to Ban Alex Jones"

Where they wanted a more legally permanent way to shut him down where he is personally liable. So it gets worse.

2) Now the Politics page of Fox has (4 hours ago): "Sen. Chris Murphy calls for more Silicon Valley censorship: 'Survival of our democracy depends on it' Sen. Chris Murphy thinks tech giants banning Alex Jones’ Infowars is a good start, but says the “survival of our democracy” depends on sites like Facebook and YouTube removing …"

So none of this is exactly helping.

3) I have now seen the print editions of all the papers in person (on the stand) and the NYT actually has a column above the fold left. They were only one to say anything. I forget the title, but in the text: "An aggressive effort against misinformation" Sot it literally being called out as wrong speak. It's also interesting that only one paper said anything and basically nothing online from any of them first page except the opinion article about how it wasn't far enough.

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I adon’t care what they’re censoring the fact that they’re doing it is enough. I would be just as mad if they censored the left, hard to believe but believe it. They deserve nothing less than death. Everyone knows number one thing that makes America America is freedom of speech. everyone knows this. They want to take that away to “protect our values” nah you’re the enemy. Not an opponent, the enemy.

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The problem is, Fox is old media. If they can get control of new media, they would, so their interests are not served by helping Alex out.

[–] kestrel9 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago It'll be reported how Obama holdovers in the IC want it reported, and the taxpayer will pay for it.