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Apple fanboy Rush is silent so far too. Does he not realize that Crapple/Twatter/Goople/Faceplant will shut him down by the 2020 elections?

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Do deserve blame for producing the worst crop of offspring the world has ever seen.

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There goes the "Deep state did it on purpose for streissand effect" theory. Total Silence

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Mark Levin started his show with a 1 minute intro about how he wasn't going to talk about it.

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Doesn't Rush doesn't talk about competitors much. Why promote the competition? I'm sure it will get brought up eventually. He has to find the right caller to make the host look good.

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Thanks for that. When I looked on front pages, but didn't see anything. The Fox front page still has nothing.


Looking across many still nothing on first page including Fox.

1) But now the NYT has an opinion piece on web page one: "A Better Way to Ban Alex Jones" https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/07/opinion/alex-jones-infowars-facebook.html

Where they wanted a more legally permanent way to shut him down where he is personally liable. So it gets worse.

2) Now the Politics page of Fox has (4 hours ago): "Sen. Chris Murphy calls for more Silicon Valley censorship: 'Survival of our democracy depends on it' Sen. Chris Murphy thinks tech giants banning Alex Jones’ Infowars is a good start, but says the “survival of our democracy” depends on sites like Facebook and YouTube removing …" http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/08/07/sen-chris-murphy-calls-for-more-silicon-valley-censorship-survival-our-democracy-depends-on-it.html

So none of this is exactly helping.

3) I have now seen the print editions of all the papers in person (on the stand) and the NYT actually has a column above the fold left. They were only one to say anything. I forget the title, but in the text: "An aggressive effort against misinformation" Sot it literally being called out as wrong speak. It's also interesting that only one paper said anything and basically nothing online from any of them first page except the opinion article about how it wasn't far enough.

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I adon’t care what they’re censoring the fact that they’re doing it is enough. I would be just as mad if they censored the left, hard to believe but believe it. They deserve nothing less than death. Everyone knows number one thing that makes America America is freedom of speech. everyone knows this. They want to take that away to “protect our values” nah you’re the enemy. Not an opponent, the enemy.

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The problem is, Fox is old media. If they can get control of new media, they would, so their interests are not served by helping Alex out.

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https://www.johnlaurits.com/2016/disinformation-bill-propaganda/ It'll be reported how Obama holdovers in the IC want it reported, and the taxpayer will pay for it.

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Remember: Fox is owned by Disney. They are part of the MSM. You need to go elsewhere

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Under the terms of the deal, Murdoch retains ownership of Fox Broadcasting, Fox News, and a few others. What Disney bought was essentially the movie and sports division.

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I believe they didn't get the News or Sports divisions. Everything else was/is/being acquired. I believe it was to keep the government from getting involved, since if Disney got the Sports branch, there would be no competition in that realm. (Disney owns ESPN)

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Also remember Rupert Murdoch is a big-time globalist. And he's in bed with Israel in the theft of Syrian oilfields in Golan Hts.

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"Fox or any other"

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They're probably happy to have less competition and a bigger share of the pie.

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I don't get the feeling Apple/YouTube's desired userbase is anywhere near Alex Jones' userbase. It's not like they're competing at all.

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Michael Savage's opening statement for today acknowledged the banning of Alex Jones. Discussion today on freedom of speech. Has a bone to pick with the techies.

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Did Fox pull Tucker tonight? He wasn't there. Can someone check his twitter account?

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And so on. You can find articles but you are missing the point.

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No shit dude. Fox has a constant stream of boomers and kikes on their show. To expect something of them is retarded.

Infowars itself isn't our ally anyways. You're several levels of drunken koolaid deep, my man.

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Who is your fucking ally?

Well, using Voat logic, everybody who doesn't shout nuke Israel 24/7 like a broken drone is a controlled opposition.

There is no ideology, if you say anything other than "gas the kikes/put kikes in the oven and nuke Israel" you are a shill.

There is a fucking big reason why they allowed Voat to be a containment zone honeypot or some sort, because the echo chamber is dominated by brain dead edgy incels who call everybody they disagree with "rabbis" or "JIDF shills."

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This isn't about purity. The poster is on our kill list. Fucking tard.

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Born: February 11, 1974

He's literally a kid... Sometimes I think this site is filled with people still in the pupa stage.

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"or any news outlet"

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Is 'boomers' a dirty word on the right? I don't think so. Watch your back dude.

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You are a special kind of retard.


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There was nothing on any first page of any regular news site. You are a special kind of retard for missing the point. It's effectively squelched.

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He said you were special though.

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He just litters about like a moth to the flame, trying to troll around here. Do yourself a favour and block him now instead of later

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Careful now, if you don't follow the echo chamber "narrative" they will call you a rabbi.

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so a 'Specialist'?

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If true he's on Trump's drone list.

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