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They are trying to force their shit down our throats and they want to go full 1984 to accomplish it. Fuck that noise. This ain't fucking China.

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; you have been deducted 4000 social credits

; further violation of the social credit system will result in you having to attend social reconditioning

; this is only a warning and should not be considered a threat against your freedom of thought and speech

; also, we have your children reporting daily to our indoctrination camps, compliance will happen, faggot

Yours truly, the government

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It's already happening . . .

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Wasn't Thomas Paine's Common Sense originally published anonymously?

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They are public funded, they shouldn't have privacy.

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I don’t know a single person who trusts the government. Left and right alike. The difference is the left wants to hand over their only defense. They’re such a logical Group of foreigners.

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Pattern: This problem was created by design so everyone would be ok with the government controlling the internet. I bet Sen. Feinstein knows a lot about it.

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The Democrats already own the MSM, but the internet has been a pain in the neck for them so far because they couldn't find way to control everyone. So the answer is don't try that, just try getting control of the internet social media.

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*the Jews own the MSM

Fixed that for you.

Dems and Republicans are both part of the Jew party system

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"To save American trust in "our institutions, democracy, free press, and markets, ...

... we will censor any outlet advising you of all the shit we're lying about."

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How is it a minority of America views these cunts as good for us? Seriously, How?

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Kike propaganda aka mainstream FAKENEWS

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Even if they wanted to do this, they couldn't.

The "internet" isn't one thing. The internet is a bunch of computers--including yours--interconnected in a network; hence, internet...

People shouldn't be able to legislate things they don't understand.

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What are you talking about? They'd go after any and all websites that don't force users to identify themselves, shut down VPNs, and threaten ISPs that didn't force compliance.

What would we do then?

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Do you honestly believe that this internet is the only internet?

Have a look at this https://zeronet.io

"The internet" is only as good as the computers connected to it--because it IS the computers and the connections.

If this one goes to shit, we'll start another. There's literally nothing they can do to prevent consenting adults from connecting their computers together.

EDIT: spelling. EDIT2: emphasis added.

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Everybody get the fuck on ZeroNet, decentralized internet protocols are the only escape that exists right now.

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Something like a Pirate Box would also be useful locally. But yeah, decentralized internet alternatives like meshnets, i2p, etc are looking more necessary by the day.

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for not so tech savvy people, how would one do that and using other nets.

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Oh man, GOOD question! See, this is simultaneously what keeps other nets both safe and also unused, the barrier to entry. I'm going to make an infographic for us goats, expect something soon!

For starters, ZeroNet is the best packaged, most user-friendly system I've found. Haven't had much luck with Tor, but it's the oldest. It must be said that Tor is more of a layer of abstraction vs. a completely new internet protocol/DNS replacement. Your best bet is to go on the ZeroNet website and check out their guides. I use Linux, so installing ZeroNet is as simple as "sudo apt-get install blablabla".

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Lol. Anyone else remember NetZero??? Free dial-up. I used to shotgun that shit.

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I remember.

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I almost wonder if the Alex Jones shutdown was orchestrated to get right-wingers on board with a government takeover right before the proposed legislation hit. E.g., Styx' video calling for YouTube, etc. to be declared public utilities.

EDIT: Another theory: maybe some of these plans were floated past the tech companies as semi-veiled threats. When the tech companies pointed out that some of the stuff would be impossible and all of it would drastically shift the ground out from under the industry the politicians switched gears into, "Okay, okay. We want to help you but we've got to do something about these Russian bots and Alex Jones getting millions of people riled up with his hate speech. Maybe there's a way we could help each other..."

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Styx' video calling for YouTube, etc. to be declared public utilities.

I actually have no problem with that. Social media is a new form of communication. What Twitter and Facebook are doing is essentially the same thing as your telephone provider shutting off your phone because they don't like the opinions you express when you talk to your friends and family on the phone. They can't do that because they are public utilities.

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Let Facebook die and have the next MySpace take over. They’re starting their slide, why save them with government intervention. Unless that what Zuck wants

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I'd like to try going the opposite direction. I'd like to see e.g., civil rights regulation rolled back so that private companies can discriminate. Instead of having one local highly-regulated, quasi-governmental phone carrier, we'd lower artificial barriers to entry and let various discriminatory providers compete to earn and keep your business. Technology has already embiggened the pool of competitors in spite of government interference and the trend continues with e.g., BitChute and other next-tech/crypto developments democratizing video, etc. to bring it closer to parity with text and voice.

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  • Midterm election date: November 6, 2018.
  • Subtract 3 months from that date: August 6, 2018.
  • Corporations typically plan & report in quarters, which last 3 months.
  • This take-down happened when?

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I'm intrigued but I think I need you to spell out your point a bit more. E.g.,

Who's quarterly reports? Apple/Facebook/Spotify/YouTube or InfoWars?

Are you implying that the reports are going to show increased or decreased profitability? Is there some other important metric that will be reported?

Why does it matter if the business reports come out before or after the election?

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