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Anyone can be anonymous, what’s to say it’s not the Q sheeple pretending to be Anonymous in an attempt to legitimize Q?

Food for thought...

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Another example of how our enemys can't meme...

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Yeah, this is retarded. We're not Sony, not about to be cowed by a bunch of faggot hackers. 85% of anonymous (the guys with real hacking skills) are Trump sympathists. The younger kids don't know how to hack, how to troll or how to meme. I don't care if they hack me. Fucking hack me. If we get hacked, we'll just reset our passwords and move on.
If they tamper with national security they're going to get busted by DHS. Wouldn't be the first time it's happened to them.

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Really? Cause both Sony and Q followers are goddamn retarded. Coulda fooled me.

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Scared? You should be.

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The younger kids don't know how to hack...

Most people I have run into that want to show their "hacking skills" aren't much more than good old fashioned script kiddies. I'm no "hacker" myself and I love my personal scripts... and I have no delusions of my skill level. I don't get people who suck their own dick about how good they are..

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Most "hacking" is actually just tricking people to give you access or dumpster diving for books on the systems you want to gain access to. There is no real hacking. And everyone learns from everyone else. That's the real secret don't tell anyone. I mean it... DO NOT TELL ANYONE. don't leak this info to the net either. Keep it here on voat where it's safe.

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85% of anonymous cells are **NOT ** Trump supporters. They're anarchists, communists and fascists. Stop with the lies.

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Anarchists, communists and fascists

One of these things is not like the others

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How long ago did anonymous get cucked?

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Been since Lulzsec got arrested. Bragging to your pals on irc that you're the ones taking down FBI and CIA servers wasn't smart.

Even if the FBI and CIA where the bad guys. They stopped being Anonymous and that's what got them turned into a puppet.

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Since the day they started to collectively infringe on rule #1

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Good. I always wondered if the Anon faggots weren't just phantoms generated by the deep state for their own purposes of ginning up support. This removes all doubt that Anon are indeed deep state operatives.

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This leaves no doubt the DeepShit is scared.

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Scared stupid you mean, because they've got to be retarded to play this card. It's got their fingerprints all over it. lol Who the fuck is running things, it's downright embarrassing they're this stupid.

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You have no idea what Anonymous is or how it works. It's not a concrete entity. It has no mailing address. Nobody owns it. Nobody controls it. You're Anon. I'm Anon. Anybody can adopt their methods and symbols for whatever message they want to send.

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LOL, the people who named themselves after a fictitious movie and haven't done anything in almost a decade are upset...Watch out!

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"Friends, Voaters, countrymen: lend me your ears.
I come to praise QAnon, not to bury him."
-- The Tragedy of Julius QAnon, Act III Sc. 2

Party people.

Y'all have it twisted.

Anonymous isn't whining for attention, they are throwing down a gauntlet; and this is a good thing. Stirring shit up is a good thing. WE HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH FOR ANOTHER SHOE TO DROP. The blueballs are fucking killing me. So what if things do not pop off just the way we'd want? Nothing ever does! "No plan, no matter how well-crafted, survives first contact with the enemy."

Every hero needs a foil to advance the story, and WE ARE ALL LIVING IN THE STORY.

We need this feud to happen. We need some sort of trigger, some little pinprick which will break the spell, this August heatwave torpor which weighs us down and keeps us from acting.

We should be encouraging this beef between Anons. It will inevitably bring the whole matter out into the open. THIS IS A GOOD THING.

Let the trigger happen. Let the process begin, let it unfold according to the laws of Chaos, the laws of Great God KEKU who is the darkness which cometh before the dawn. IÄ!! IÄ!! IÄ KEKU!!

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The evil forces can't stop what's coming so bring it on.

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