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No no no, it's unacceptable for anyone to talk about dirty commies killing off the portions of their population that annoy them.

Or in Cambodia's case, killing off people who wore glasses.


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She's republican.

Discrimination against republicans in libtard controlled site such as facebook is nothing new.

Libtards are known for their double standards, ie. pedophilia is okay if the perpetrator is a progressive leftist or a muslim but not okay if the perpetrator is a conservative white male.

If she's a radical feminist commie like that nyc korean bitch she wouldn't be censored. But then again, she wouldn't bring up communist genociding others because she's the perpetrator herself. See, the thing about communist is that they will genocide us if they take over, which is why it is imperative that we take the first strike and purge them first. It doesn't matter if the commie is a goy, because he/she is also a collaborator and should be purged as well, fuck the brainwashing excuse. You can't betray your nation then claim brainwashing as defense ffs, especially when you get dibs on those globalist shekel donations.

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The fact that Trump hasn't addressed the censorship on the internet of HIS OWN FUCKING SUPPORTERS

He has though. And here I was thinking you were smarter than this voltronsdick.

Ally with whites, otherwise your grandchildren will be a bunch of muslim nigger-skinned gooks voltron.

And lets be honest, even if you're a jew and not white, neither group wants their family to end up mixing with third world garbage people.


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YUP... and yet all we see are the shills crying "WINNING!" like Charlie Sheen before coming forward and disclosing he had AIDS. Not but a handful of critical voices and they all get dog-piled with down votes.

Apparently reality hurts fanatics feelings. Surprising for a site like this. It's either that, brigades, or bots.


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takes one to know one...


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Remember the 6 Gorillion!