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You have reached level 99 retardation. How does it feel?


[–] freshmeat [S] 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Funny, feel free to include your reasoning why that is. The internet has to be regulated, otherwise no matter what companies pop up, they will still be working in a flawed system built by the enemies of the United States. The censorship is just setting the grounds for a television cable version of the internet where newcomers will not have the same playing field as people who are already in the monopolies and use botnets, propaganda, bans, etc.

Can't even start a image hosting site without it being spammed with child pornography, and no one ever gets busted for that. That seems like the immediate issue that should be handled, and would take a shit load of power away from "private" companies who are against the US constitution and people of the nation.


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Fuck The "United States". Facebook was FUNDED by the United States (CIA).

Facebook is an enemy of We, The People.


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So much misguided and retarded in this I don't have the time to even respond...because it wouldn't matter. You wouldn't comprehend it.