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This is interresting considering the amount of Muslim cock Trudeau has been stroking.

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Saudis ruling class doesn't give a flying fuck about muslims in general, I mean not at all

You can take as many of them as you want, they don't give a fuck

I mean imagine, idk, france was taking 10000 christian brits a month, and you're american christian anglo saxon

Why would you give a fuck?

Same deal, you can take all the pakis, afghanis, moroccans you want, they are nothing to them, they aren't even rich, not even important to their interests, they are fucking poors from another country

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Hands must not be as soft as they look. Maybe if he wore some fur gloves they would like it better.

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He’s one of those degennie Canucks that uses liver mittens.

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He'll ptobably just put those on his ass so when they rail him they'll feel more comfortable.

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fuck canada

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The woman mentioned in the article, Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland, once said that Mohammed was a feminist on Real Time with Bill Maher. She's a clueless virtue signaler.

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Muhammad would have murdered her, then raped her for that statement.

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Which, deep down, is exactly what she craves!

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Canada is planning to undermine US Sanctions on Iran. That is the story here. Saudi's bin Salman knows that he has to cut the crap and follow the demands of our glorious President TRUMP.


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Trump has to follow the demands of israel.

Make Israel Great Again

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could this finally be the undoing of the federal liberal? They are pushing the 'fembot rights' and 'religion of peace' narratives at the same time! Let the infighting begin

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I think he's already done. He's been complete garbage. Pretty sure all the people who voted for him to legalise weed wont vote for him again.

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Probably got tired of their people being corrupted by the megafag

That's pretty bad if muslims are done with your indoctrination bullshit.

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its hart for me to take anything seriously, when its written by Tyler Durden!

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You hurt his feelings. Look, he's punching himself in the face over it!

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they should give back all those armored vehicles they bought

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this new king is so fucking childish and short sighted. cant wait to see saudi arabia collapse

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We are one step closer, now chicks can drive, next vote then they will start sperging.

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