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I love how the clip ends: with a police officer standing there looking like an impotent dumbfuck.

Arrest them for disturbing the peace you useless pile of shit.

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That's the problem, they use cops to protect them. It's sick shit, the system is infected and needs purged. Law is nothing but a weapon against the very people it's supposed to protect. We have to reset the mechanism but only after we've purged the traitors and enemies.

Don't worry, the Leftists will push for it hard. We will not be able to just walk away, they will not let people live in peace.

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And the irony is that Owens was there in Philly to show her support for the police department. Will they ever learn?

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Cops in this city are absolute shit. Even my dad, who’s the most straight laced by the book white guy hates them.

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The cops work for the Marxists. They're most certainly not on the side of the freedom loving people. We're going to have to kill a LOT of cops before this war is over.

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The "marxists" are rich kids

So, that's where the connection with cops is, daddy is connected, billionaire, judge, senator, congress, federal prosecutor, you nameit

There's no ideological connection

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I think my favourite part was all the white people screaming "fuck white supremacy" unprovoked at a black woman.

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all the white people screaming "fuck white supremacy"

This is precisely why identity politics faggots arguing for "giving free passes to all white goyim", are fucking idiotic at best, and shills at worst.

Leftist traitors are part of the problem, they are not damsel in distress waiting to be rescued from their supposed "brainwashing." If fucking brainwashing is so easy, Hungary, the birthplace of Soros, would already turn into Somalia.

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The Onion has a lot of competition these days.

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The Onion used to be satirical, satire only works when there's nobody who agrees with whatever point of view you are presenting. These days that's impossible. 10 years ago if you told me pedophelia and beastiality would become mainstream political issues I'd have started saving money to move to mars.

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My exact thought. How unhinged these fucks are. A bunch of delusional whites screaming at a black person just trying to enjoy a fucking meal, and she is the racist. Hahahaha. They are harassing her.

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That's called "assault."

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Battery, actually.

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Tinnitus. Actual, life long, suicidal inducing harm.

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Unless you're a cop, then it's just crowd control.

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You can’t make this shit up. Yes, Candace is a powerful figure in the white surpemacy movement. Smdh.

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The Leftists are the enemy now. It's not the Russians attacking us in the streets, or even the Chinese. It's not even Muslim terrorists that take the front now. It's leftists that don't allow people to exist in peace in their own country, it's their traitorous protectors and handlers.

This is fucking war and we need to treat it as such.

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All leftists are the enemy. People like to throw the blame on foreign tribes, but who the fuck let these foreign tribes in and gave them power in the first place? Leftist progressives.

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The Leftists are not really the enemy. I think the media is the primary enemy.

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Think of them as the pawns.

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You need to call them what they are... Democrats.

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You need to call them what they really are... shock troops of ZOG.

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Some Democrats are just brainwashed cattle that vote for the party because they do as they're told. The propaganda machines are the strongest in history, so I can understand why so many have fallen prey to it. I'd hope that once exposed to the truth and stop lapping up the (((MSM))) bullshit, they'd wake up and be very angry at the leftists.

Leftists are the ones that know they are treasonous little pukes and they don't care. They are the enemy foot soldiers, handlers of useful idiots, and financial backers of leftist terrorists, not the dumbfucks setting at home on the couch.

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...started screaming in her ear with a megaphone.

Ahh, the ol' antifa tactic to start some shit. Would work on me though. I'd get locked up to make that puke eat their megaphone... but that's me.

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There's a fucking pig cop standing there doing nothing but waiting to arrest you if you defend yourself. Traitor pig cops have got to go along with their handlers.

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A megaphone in my ear is assault that could very likely lead to permanent hearing loss. I'd love to argue in a court of law why I bunched the front of that megaphone while they were speaking into it.

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It's amazing how stupid some people can be. This is almost impressive.

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Liberals are very low IQ.

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Liberals who spout liberal bullshit without getting paid by globalist non-profit orgs are all of very low IQ.

The smart ones (their leadership, democrat politicians, etc) only spout liberal bullshit after getting paid. These are the immoral greedy sellouts.

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Liberals are, but leftists know exactly who they are and what they're doing.

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I wish for a pox of tinnitus on every one of those fascist* loonies. If they keep that up ... they will be the ones with long term hearing issues.

*They are the fascists - to call them 'anti-fascist' is a lie and I refuse to give up the linguistic ground.

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