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You know, I dismissed 90% of what Alex Jones had to say, writing it off as psychotic ramblings, interspersed with random tidbits of actual insight, that only a mad-man could piece together. Now? I'm gonna pay a little bit closer attention to what he's saying. Streisand Effect. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I had the same feeling about q. Once the media was going out of its way to dismiss it I started to pay attention to it.

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It's not worth it. The left does nonsense things without actually having analyzed what they're doing. Alex Jones spews tons of anti-white crap mixed in with enough counter points for people to retort with when someone mentions it.

He isn't doing Jack shit worth paying attention to

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Here's a clue. He's exposing the DeepShit and Lamestream media's plot to assassinate one of their own journos so they have an excuse to take down Trump's twitter account.

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Get out.

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Quick download Alex's new app before it's erased p

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Is there content or is it just ads fake pills?

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Youtube next?

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His account is currently locked for 90 days. Not sure how many has passed since then, like 10ish I think.

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Apple iTunes just removed Alex Jones's podcasts.

and so did spotify,its all a coordinated effort