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So, do you really want that affirmative action nigger operating on your heart?
How about a nigger flying you and your children this summer?
Oh, and don't forget all the niggers in the military for DOD diversity.
The failures of affirmative action are becoming a big red pill for the masses.

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It's forcing positions that feel racist on normal people who just want competent medical personnel. If a C student got A's because of affirmative action, that's dangerous. So how do I know my surgeon does not fit into this category? They're white or asian.

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Don't worry.. the hospital/office that you will be going to was probably built by affirmative action idiots. And, add the bridges/roads/etc.. You'll probably be killed on the way to the doctor before he has a chance to kill you.

Also, this probably explains why most doctors are just glorified drug dealers.

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Compare pdf table "A-24.2: MCAT and GPA Grid for Black or African American Applicants and Acceptees" vs
A-24.3: MCAT and GPA Grid for Asian Applicants and Acceptees

Notice that in the medical schools banned (first 13 attempts) asians with score of 27-29 on mcat and GPA of 3.40-3.59 an astounding 79.4 percent of the time, yet if a person submitted a photo depicting african black features and passed a in person 3 judge review of black ethnicity, the low iq negro was accepted for the SAME scores and only rejected 18.8%

79.4 vs 18.8 ! Goddamned unbelievable, but its right there in that data pdfs!

Christian Whites also dramatically blocked from entering medical schools in the USA under Obama regime similar to asian (consult chart. Abomination!


MCAT of 39 to 45 , and a GPA of 3.00 or higher !!!! Really !!!! Look at the far upper right columns. Black people NEVER DENIED MEDICAL SCHOOL if they have any spec of white-man brains at all.

Conversely 30% of Asians with flawless MCAT test score and 4.00 GPA are banned from usa medical schools for their first 13 attempts or less under racist Obama regime.


He is not ordering the racism to totally stop, but is ordering it to not be so much DEATH TO WHITEY

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This is horrible but it's not exactly news. We've known the Jews who run the universities were doing this for decades. It just keeps getting worse and worse.

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This is why we need to right what is wrong.

Right-wing authoritarian white nationalism is the only correct form of government for United States.

Leftists belong in the chopping block. We make mincemeat out of them and throw them into the sea. I don't understand the point of tolerating anyone with leftist world view anymore.

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The FAA did the same. Basically every federal job started turning away the best for niggers

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Yep. So did the entire fucking government. I saw this with niggers in the military. That's one of the things that woke me up to race.

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It degrades our entire society, and lowers the quality of live for everybody, of every race.

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And they wonder why China is overtaking US.

It's gotten so bad that even jews like James Damore or Roseanne Barr are becoming victims too to the institutionalized discrimination in the job market because they do not display enough politically correct SJW behavior as required for their tribal membership.

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Sad thing is that whites can't join then without being accused of racism.

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wheres the jewish column? probably part of the white one

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Yeah they are vastly over represented relative to their test scores.

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Jews who just have like 3.00 gpa can't get into med school. Only niggers have that privilege.

Actually, asians and white goys are turned away. Blacks and hispanics are preferred. Jews is just merit based as usual, they are overrepresented because they do as well as asians and white goys in school, but they are not discriminated against.

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What was the figure Pat Little is always dropping? 2% of the population 3% of top performing high school students and 67% of harvard?

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That's nice, but until they distinguish between jews and Whites, Whites are still going to get screwed in college admissions. Harvard is claimed "80% White" or whatever number, while nearly all those "Whites" are jews. So, without separating jews from Whites, this change will let in more asians, and Whites still kept out.

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As the OP, what I am claiming is that ALL IQ RACISM should stop, if it lets in more Jews, so be it. I just don't want low IQ blacks made surgeons and asians and whites BANNED FROM USA MEDICAL SCHOOLS for being too smart.

white being too smart makes blacks look worse than they are

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if it lets in more Jews, so be it

If it goes true 100% merit there will be less jews, way less, basically most of the jews would be wiped out because there are far more Whites than jews with better scores.

"Indeed, the following analysis implies that, compared to Jews, actual Whites. aka not jews claiming themselves "White," are represented at 1/15th of the level they would be in a meritocratic system:"



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We need to create a new meme: the negro affirmative action doctor. He barely made it through medical school and through gross incompetence has killed many people. They do exist.
Oftentimes these affirmative action "doctors" face malpractice suits in real life, so they end up working for the government or military because they can't be fired or sued. DoD takes in thousands of minority "doctors" that don't make the cut. They operate on military and veterans, which is one reason "military healthcare" is a fucking disaster.

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Yeah, but if a white guy sued a nigger doctor for malpractice, he'll be labeled as a neonazi white supremacist bigot by the left.

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Affirmative action is racism.

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