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Who fucking cares if you're considered a "racist"? That word has lost all meaning with the left using it to silence anyone with whom they don't agree.

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racism, before it got the (((Trotsky))) treatment, simply meant the study of racial differences, patterns, demographics etc. in the same way botany is the study of plants.

and if weeds could express conscious thoughts and opinions, they'd no doubt say that botany is pure evil that must end, and diversity is your garden's greatest strength.

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... if weeds could express conscious thoughts and opinions, they'd no doubt say that botany is pure evil that must end, and diversity is your garden's greatest strength.

This is a fantastic metaphor. Did you come up with this just now? If so, awesome.

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The term doesn't even apply, You can't be racist against an ideology, which is what Islam is. Muslims come in all colors. I once told a libtard this, and I went from a racist to Islamaphobe. I looked at them like they were 3 and said, "Is that all you got?" smh

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"Thought crime" is a lot like "gun control," in that both are tyrannical attempts to avert some imaginary hypothetical future crime by committing a real crime against an innocent person in the here and now.

Canada is a shit hole for both.

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Islam is not a race

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LOL at people can't handle that moslems aren't white. lol

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Probably a lot of racists in Toronto now.

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It would be pretty ironic if all the asians in Toronto went back to their roots and voted for strong anti-immigrant policies. I mean i doubt it, western asians are pretty fucking cucked also.

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And their head social justice warrior Christia Freeland, picked a fight with Saudi Arabia the other day who then suspended diplomatic ties kicking the Canadian envoy out of Saudi, and canceled new investment deals.


Absolute moron. She's the one that was trying to horn in on the US Mexico trade talks because Justina's arrogantly abusive statement about Trump cost him Canada' trade deal, (which most Canadians don't want anyway).

Odd how China's human rights abuses gets them more and more more trade with Canada and not one fucking word from Christia the insane cat lady . They even act as China's fence, slipping Chinese goods into the states pretending they're Canadian.

The impenetrable hypocrisy of evil people.

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it's shockingly embarassing how friendly most "progressive" countries act towards a country that stones people to death for getting raped, and beheads people who become Christian

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This all goes back to when the us $ was removed from gold. Why would anyone sell anything for fake paper $? The US convinced the Saudis to keep selling their oil on international markets in us $ only. In return, the might of the US forces are the sand *iggers' BITCH! ...regardless of how much female genital mutilation or superman faggets there are in saudi.

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They certainly choose what offends them and what doesn't with mercenary intent.

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Yeah, because those "progressive" politicians are not actually virtuous, just virtue signaling.

All they care is to enrich their fat retirement funds from globalist fund.

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start calling them chinese bots... online... lets make that a thing... Chinese communist bots!

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Its all part and parcel of some combination of the meekness of the Christian variant of the Abrahamic religion(this seems to be a more recent 19th century thing and Christianity has never been this bad), Enlightenment rationalism, positivism, civic nationalism/we are world Citizens ala Voltaire. These are just the facilitating and enabling components.

The real component is Marxist-Leninist based racial theory which advocates for social, economic, and political equality by turning the traditional racial order of Western Civilization on its head(Islamification is the primary way to do this). This is a dangerous strain of Marxist-Leninist thought because it sees democracy as a means to advance its thoughts, there is a belief that a corrupt and sociopathic corporate elite needs to run society and influence politics to preserve capitalism and to make a clean transition from capitalism to a centrally planned economic order, and is less organized labor transforming society, but rather in taxing the hell out of the middle-class and making them pay for their "eternal" indebtedness to the state for "stealing" from the underprivileged.

Its also more militant than Marxist-Leninist thought(the Bolsheviks might be an exception but even the Bolsheviks believed in internationalizing the Bolshevik conspiracy through secrecy and direct force). Our nations laws are being altered to accommodate this kind of thought and this is the beginning of the decay. In essence its a very self-destructive system and its all about turning one population against the other(racial war is the way to advance the socio-economic and socio-political order).

It is also about destabilizing foreign countries with the help of regional rogues(like what is and has happened in the Middle-East) to flood Western countries with an excess of non-white peoples(not all of it is necessarily intentional, but some of it, such as is in the case of Mexico, has been opened vis a vis regional economic partnerships and in the case of Africa international law and modern variants of human rights decrees).

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Good thing I love being a racist!

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Being labeled a racist or a nazi is just a scare tactic to silence you. Fuck them.

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How many millions of Canadians are ramming needles into voodoo dolls and praying for Trudeau’s death every single day?

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