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When you realise you are ugly because God is real and hates you. That no woman will ever love you, not even your own mother - who was kind enough to be the string of this latent homosexuality of yours, coupled with your malignant narcissism and perversion. Yes when I dress you up a a horse and shove an apple in your mouth and ride you around the 3rd floor of my sprawling mansion - locking you in a cage and submerging you in water for 40 second stints, to have you cry some more about "humanity", yes because you are worthless. Without talent or redeeming feature. Overweight with no motivation to change, sourly odiferous with a genetic profile that a third generation fleshy mass would reject - boring, average IQ, average looks.

You're average in every sense of the word and admittance of that fact is the first delicious step into your mental prison of oblivion. Regale us all with the tales of your constant and persistent rejection in life, I need some entertainment.


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Got bored half-way through the second sentence and didn't bother to read the rest. You need to go back to reddit and hone your skills, boy.....