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This story smells a bit funny. No description of captors, no details on exactly when she went missing. Doesn't add up.

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Whoa whoa whoa, you want to build a profile of human traffickers?

Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.

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ETA: sorry, meant to reply to the comment above you. Will be less retarded in the future.

Because they're probably Asian, Armenian, Mexican or Muslim. If you listen to advocates talk about this stuff, it's gangs from Mexico, Asia, the Middle East or Eastern Europe running sex trafficking rings and selling kids into farm worker or sex worker slavery. They do it in communities like Oakland etc. A sane immigration policy would go a long way to fixing the problem. But seriously: nail salons in Cali are basically Koreans enslaving each other, Mexicans are into little kids so those gangs are heavy into child prostitution, Muslims and wealthier Filipinos never quite got over having slaves in the home to do work. It's a third world and recently-developed world problem. Keep these people out and you end 99.99% of the problem. (Eeeevil whitey made Saudi Arabia officially end slavery in 1961 to get into multi-national organizations. Remember: whites and Christianity? Ruining everything. Don't believe what you see with your own eyes or read in official records from back in the day. Just listen to someone who wrote a book/gets paid to squawk at a university about it.)

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Good eye. Something that stood out to me immediately was that the 16 year old "victim" has a different last name from her mother. There is also no father involved.

I'll bet this girl ran off with her brown boyfriend, and after about 3 months of "captivity" (aka "hanging out, fucking, using drugs"), they decided it was time for her to pay the toll. She didn't like that, so she snatched his phone and jumped out of the car. I think it's a load of shit, especially watching the girl speak about it. That is not the attitude or demeanor of a 16 year old innocent girl who was just held captive, raped, and drugged for 3 months.

That little smirk on her face is more like the look of someone who is satisfied that their lies are being bought.

Edit: Holy shit, I just noticed her tattoos on her arms. Yeah, this 16 year old is a fucking lying piece of shit.

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I was raped when I was younger. You know what I didn't want to do afterwards? Go on camera and talk to the news about it.

This is all soooooo off.

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My thoughts, exactly.

I would bet that she met her groomer online, and ran off to be with him. The lack of parents in the article and photo is telling.

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The video has what appears to be both a father & mother & two younger siblings.

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Yep, either it's terrible journalism or...

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I don't buy it, this is theater.

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Dont they usually keep the identity of these people confidential especially when they are underage? Isnt she afraid theyll conennac

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It's because she wasn't kidnapped. She's lying.

And this was with the bad guy's phone, supposedly- she swiped it before leaping from the car. What kind of "rape groomer" would leave a phone within reach of his victim? Would they have phones that could be accessed without password/fingerprint ID, so that a captive could potentially steal it and call for help? Would they really leave the car door unlocked while slowly driving through a residential area?

Nothing adds up here. Add on top of all this bizarre shit what kind of girl this is- a 16 year old with tattoos, piercings all over her dumb face, looking like a painted whore, and of course, no father. We've seen this exact same lie a hundred times- bitch probably ran off with her 25 year old brown boyfriend, spent 3 months fucking and using drugs with him, and then got spotted by postman- paranoia probably got to her, she probably thought "I'm found out! I'd better use the cover story we came up with!"

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Why you say the same thing but a little different twice?

Why did you say the same thing two different ways twice?

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This is a very solid point.

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What 16 year old remembers a telephone number nowadays?

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Witness protection????

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That makeup and shit in her face tells another story.

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If she was groomed for whoring as a child it will take her some time to re-set to being normal and respectable. She may never make it even if she tries really hard. Not to sound like a retarded leftist, but don't blame the literal victim in the story. She never stood a chance and probably still doesn't. This is sad.

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If she was groomed for whoring as a child...

Is this just speculation or is there something to back up this idea?

...it will take her some time to re-set to being normal...

No doubt.

...and respectable.


Not to sound like a retarded leftist, but don't blame the literal victim in the story.

Don't degrade your position. You are entitled to your own opinions. In this case, I'm betting she put herself in a piss poor situation to start off with. There is a remarkable lack of information about how she was originally taken... so this is my own speculation.

She never stood a chance and probably still doesn't.

Everyone is the captain of their own boat. Failure is singular.

This is sad.


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She's sixteen. She's no child; she entered into this world willingly and thought she'd get whatever the hell she wanted - sex, drugs, acceptance, whatever. When she realized that she was nothing more than a hole to be fucked, then this stupid little bitch played the "victim" card. And she got away with it, because she has a fucking "pussy pass".

Fuck this little whore, because 16 or not, that's all this cunt is.....

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When you realise you are ugly because God is real and hates you. That no woman will ever love you, not even your own mother - who was kind enough to be the string of this latent homosexuality of yours, coupled with your malignant narcissism and perversion. Yes when I dress you up a a horse and shove an apple in your mouth and ride you around the 3rd floor of my sprawling mansion - locking you in a cage and submerging you in water for 40 second stints, to have you cry some more about "humanity", yes because you are worthless. Without talent or redeeming feature. Overweight with no motivation to change, sourly odiferous with a genetic profile that a third generation fleshy mass would reject - boring, average IQ, average looks.

You're average in every sense of the word and admittance of that fact is the first delicious step into your mental prison of oblivion. Regale us all with the tales of your constant and persistent rejection in life, I need some entertainment.

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Got bored half-way through the second sentence and didn't bother to read the rest. You need to go back to reddit and hone your skills, boy.....

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I'm going to enjoy seeing you in hell very much. Maybe too much but then again I'm sick like that. I like watching little men like you on your knees begging for mercy where there shall be none. I enjoy watching you cry, very much so and you will cry when you realise you are dead and this is hell.

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Because the captors are ALWAYS Asian, Armenian, Mexican or Muslim in the USA , sometimes backed by (((Others))), THERE IS NO EARNEST INVESTIGATION.

Fun fact... when detectives never ever get a break in a case, if the case is eventually broken, it turns out the RACE OF THE CRIMINAL matched the race of the assigned detectives !!!! Blacks and Spics are racists and cover up their own races crimes.

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Shut up and uncover your chip!

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Her mother Stacey says Crystal was lured to Sacramento by someone she thought was a friend, then found herself trapped in a world of drugs and sex trafficking.

Crystal apparently saw her one opportunity to escape in an Oak Park neighborhood while riding in the car with her captors as they discussed committing a crime. She said jumped out of the car, grabbed one of the captor’s phones, and ran for life.

“The area where she was found is a notoriously high crime area, lots of drugs, prostitution, gangs in that area,


Gang territory in Sacremento. So probably Hispanic gangs.

No articles note who the "sex traffickers" were despite her being with him for 3 months, having his cell phone, and them having been discussing committing a crime together in the car. You would think for as serious as sex trafficking of minors is taken, that person would either be arrested or there would be information for the public to help find and catch this person.

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