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A migrant needed her apartment?

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You fucking bet

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This is just the test run to euthanize all the white local Dutch.

Dutch need to fight and take back their country or they will die.

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racist white woman steals potential home space for underprivileged asian teenager migrant

Oy Vey

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This is sick and twisted. This is clearly wrong and on that infamous slippery slope. Elders have paid their dues to society and deserve to be cared for in return.

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This is Socialism/Communism at work. Once you are no longer productive you should be killed. This is the future every single one of these “Democratic Socialist” Commie bastards want with their universal healthcare. We have to fight this way of thinking tooth and nail.

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Communists don't think so, that's why that's some of the first to go is the elderly. Satanic as fuck isn't it?

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actually the elderly are disposed of early for the same reason as the intellectuals

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Yes. The children are supposed to care for their parents as a thank you for being cared for by their parents. Not hold mom down so she can be lethally injected so the kids can afford a better vacation.

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Satanic would frankly be an improvement over communist barbarism.

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I don't get the sentiment that simply not dying has done some service to society. A seventy year old whose lived on welfare or disability and never paid taxes hasn't contributed much, what dues have they paid simply by staying alive? I hear older generations talking about how entitled younger people are, but this idea that being old automatically entitles people to certain good treatment is baffling.

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Thats kinda why @turtlesareNotevil said that this is a slippery slope. Who gets to decide that cutoff for who's contributed enough to receive end of life care, and for how long? On the flip side of that coin, we keep certain people alive well past what might be humane now too, not because we maybe should, but because we can and are afraid of giving someone the power to order ~anothet~ *another persons death. It's a really big and complex issue.

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We're not talking about good treatment, we're talking about executing people whose only "crime" is age.

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Flip the script. Fuck babies, demanding little things, what have they done? Who are they to demand our attention?

This is a generation that the fact that their elders are the reason they exist escapes them. It's no wonder there's Antifa and lots of Democrats with that level of brain failure running about.

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Socialist societies don't care what you put in. Only what they can take. Once you stop putting in you are on the chopping block.

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A generous assessment. You're on the chopping block regardless with those heathens!

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I was going to post this but didn't. Good thing someone did. It's literally murder.

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Yeah, that's why it's considered unethical and illegal in the U.S.

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Not in Colorado.

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So, she was murdered.

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Possibly the most frightening vision of 1984 in real life I have read to date.

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That poor woman, what the hell ever happened to the Hippocratic oath?

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That word, oath, doesn't mean what it used to mean anymore.

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It forbids abortion, so it isn't used anymore.

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There seems to be a few options to deal with the inevitability that is death. I ordered them in my preference.

  1. Have enough money to pay out the ass and they save you (US)
  2. Kill yourself in an awesome way (Worldwide)
  3. Pay out the ass to a highly regulated system to prolong your life in which you're probably going to be miserable until death (US)
  4. Eastern "medicine" and voodoo (low IQ slants and niggers/africa)
  5. Get euthanized (if your lucky) or receive 0 treatment and suffer in a "hospital" until death (single payer/"first world")
  6. Suck stem cells out of fetuses to prolong your terrible existence (soros, clinton, mccain)

Congratulations africa, you're not on the bottom of the list for once!

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BEST suicide method ever!

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One day you will start to age and realize that you still feel the same way you did when you were 18 or 21, and you might also talk to those who have attempted suicide who are grateful to be alive today.

[–] speedisavirus 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Or, you know, euthanize at your will. Not when the government decides it's your time. Which is what happened here.

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Did you read my comment? That's #2. Self guillotine, shotgun to the dome, and skydiving without a parachute all count.

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They call that murder.

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It is murder, they basically gave her a cup of liquid hemlock and told her it was kool aid and it would not hurt her.

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Active Euthansia which is the doctor who takes the action of killing you. Completely illegal and unethical in the US. Passive Euthansia is legal because its the act of nature ending your life due to terminal illness where you have no chance of survival.

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