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He was also chased around by a guy with a rifle before that


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yet this commie professor faggot isn't in jail, maybe someone should just start the day of the rope with his ass. We're running low on legal remedies


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James Fields was only 20-years-old. That is very young, and it is easy for someone to be easily frightened into losing composure at that age. It's a REASONABLE conclusion that the driver might have panicked, after being surrounded by a crazed and violent mob.....and lost control of the car.

Before impact, the car was being chased by a man with an AR-15....and his name was DWAYNE DIXON. He was a leader of Redneck Revolt and a member of Antifa. Just remember that "Redneck Revolt" is another branch of Antifa that was LARPING as "rednecks". I mentally call them "Hipster Revolt".

I also saw video footage of the car being struck by a man with a club, whom I would also classify as a member of Antifa. This was last year, so I don't remember where I saw the video footage.

And last year, I also saw video footage of the car's impact (which was removed by YouTube), which looked like the car completely missed Heather Heyer. I've heard that she died of a HEART ATTACK, and didn't die from the car's impact.

The mainstream news media was very careful to only show a head shot of a seemingly younger and thinner Heather Heyer. What they didn't show us is that she was a MORBIDLY OBESE CHAINSMOKER, which was relevant to the state of her health.

I won't even get into all the other things happening at the time, like the fact that a reporter was interviewing the main "witness" to the car crash.....whose name was Brennan Gilmore. And that man did NOT disclose the fact that he's a member of the CIA.

Nothing that Brennan Gilmore says can be trusted, or taken at face value.


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I was about to ask if anything ever came of that faggot bragging about doing that shit.


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He was confronted. Despite his hatred of cops he did not hesitate to call the cops when confronted.