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And the true enemy shows its face.


[–] voatuser1128 1 points 18 points (+19|-1) ago 

Why are Jews so subversive? Like if they were law-abiding citizens who didn't bother anybody or stuck their nose into political matters they wouldn't have been kicked out of so many countries.


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Why are Jews so subversive?

Jews are the ultimate outsiders. Their entire religion, their culture, their self-image, tells them all their lives that they are separate, they are different, they are apart from the rest of society. Then when society treats them as separate and different and apart, they scream "anti-Semitism." Jews have been trained to regard Christians as not only inferior to themselves, but hostile. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This attitude actually makes many Christians hostile, because this is what Jews expect. In the Jew mind, life is a ceaseless battle of wits against stupid, evil Christians who hate them. That's the Jew mindset. It's like the black mindset that all whites are racist. Every slight a Jew receives, no matter how small or for what reason, the Jew attributes it to hatred of Jews.

If you look upon the rest of society as your enemy, and assume that everybody hates you, and at the same time you have been taught all your life that you are superior and special and different and better than everybody else, then you are not reluctant to use lies and deceit and tricks and manipulation to "protect yourself" -- this is how the Jew thinks. By cheating Christians and lying to them, he is only protecting himself from the evil, hatful Christians who want to destroy him.

It's an extremely unhealthy and unnatural dynamic in our Western societies, to have this tribe in our midst that hates us and wants to destroy us before we destroy them (in their fanatical minds they believe we want to destroy them). It's a constant poison dropping into society. This is why I call Jews the cancer of the West.


[–] Volcris 1 points 14 points (+15|-1) ago 

They have rarely held land of their own. If they were less insular, spiteful and hostile they would have long since blended with and been absorbed by a host population.

It’s precicely their malevolent cunning that has kept them alive but separate for millennia. People who can coexist end up merging together naturally, Americans of European descent have blended genes from many European peoples.

Jews have remained of seperate identity because they always hold others with contempt and jealousy; no matter how thoroughly they spread woe and usurp control they never manage to build anything lasting beyond a dusty wall in the Middle East.


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When you're brainwashed as children to believe that you're god's chosen people and can never do anything wrong - even when you DO shit wrong and are punished for it, this is the result. It also has to do with genetics - I've never met a Jew that either isn't a parasite, a manipulator, a professional victim, or doesn't think he runs the place and is smarter than everyone else.


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Its all part of the master plan the jews will be crying for someone ANYONE to save them from the AntiChrist during the Great Tribulation but guess what no help shall come to their rescue not for at least 6 years or so while God pours His wrath out on them and the rest of the rebellious peoples of the Earth