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It was a warm day, so I had my window down. Then, I flicked my cigarette butt out the window. Climate change made me do it.

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I guess if you heard your neighbor telling her manchild to stop acting like he's 12 you would call the cops instead of fucking quitting your nasty ass habit to buy an AC unit for your kids and shut your window.

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Try again after your stroke

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I was a firefighter in rural California, retired now. For California I'd go with 98% of wildland fires are people. Occasionally lightning will cause a fire but it's predominantly arson, stupid people and USFS thinning. Places like Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho have a lot more forest and electrical storm summer weather. So, yeah 90% seems plausible. Id think more but there's a lot of forest in those northern states.

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Reading this boggles my mind, 38 thousand forest fires in a year? That's over a hundred forest fires every single day, it's hard for me to believe this number. Is that in the USA alone? Is that just counting anytime a small brush fire is recorded? That seems like a really big number, how often did you need to go out and fight fires when you worked? Because by the sounds of this article, you guys must have been sweating overtime around the clock

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Not that much. The departments I worked in; were used mainly for medical calls. Loads, and Loads of Traffic Calls. That was my teams bread and butter. Winter we had structure fires (Homes) usually from fireplaces, people improperly disposing ashes from the wood stove, others were heaters left on for extended periods and people not keeping them clear. Its amazing how disgusting and lazy fellow humans can be. Portable radiant heater falls over, plugged in. No one picks it up. In fact. They pile clothes on it. 20 days later its smoldering. They STILL ignore it. We get called.

In the Summer; this was wildland season. I was at the base of the Sierra just near the Nevada border. For a few years there was an arsonist loose, he would start a fire, soon as the entire team was up and running on that fire, he moved 5, 10 miles down the road and started another. We would have to break off in smaller teams, he went up the road some 10 miles and started another. Other fires were sheer stupidity. Actually, I can't say i've ever seen a smart fire. Anyway. People left fires burning at campsites. OR they had a fire the night before, since it went out, they thought it was out. They pick up camp, toss all the trash into the fire place and leave. Give it 20-30 minutes and they are long gone, that trash in those embers are raging and no one is around. The trash blows off into the pines, its done. In our busiest summer, we would have maybe six small local fires, one big one and work mutual aid on one out of town. There were a ton of lightning strikes that started fires for a few days, but we watched them. If they didn't spread and were miles from the public, we let it go. Sometimes the USFS would hike up there if they were available and bored. Hotshots love working.

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There were fires in Ukraine in 2011 before they declared civil war, Fires in China at every power and water and other infrastructure or chem facility in 2015 (Tianjin) and they sued their own and bowed to the muds, and now we're having them and the fucking burkahs are on the beach.

I've got one question for you: How do you feel about being recalled as long as you haven't hit age 74?

What would you do to prosecute if a jurisdiction dropped the ball and turned on their own if you knew the same arsonist had just burned your own home county down and came to another you'd left for after you'd lost everything and and the new place obstructed your investigators and protected the fucking terrorist POS to financially gain from it after the same terror cell you're risking your life to get apprehended set another 5 jurisdictions to burn like in the Thomas incident?

Would you risk your own life?

I know I will.

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I've got one question for you: How do you feel about being recalled as long as you haven't hit age 74?

Can I do it now? I'll start now? How about now? Really can I go back today? I didn't leave on my own decision. I was forced out by injury and age. People that do this, don't do it because they like fire, they do it because they like helping. It's done because it is needed and we are happy to step up.

Would you risk your own life?

What the fuck do you think we do? Pick flowers? FUCK YES. But don't be such a cunt that you didn't think everything done was calculated and done as safe as possible.


I don't understand them nor can I sympathize with them.

Thanks for your questions, I'm off to donate platelets, Something else I enjoy doing. Maybe today, I help a child with cancer live another month. It's not as exciting, no adrenaline but it's what I can do.

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Can anyone link to anybody claiming climate change caused a fire to happen? Because everything I've seen or heard is that climate change is the reason for higher temperatures, which dries out fuel faster making fires that used to be smaller and slower larger and faster.

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It's not just dry fuel, it's also increasing the total amount of dead material available to burn. Long, hot, dry summers will turn forested areas into essentially a tinderbox waiting to go up.

Sure climate change itself doesn't necessarily cause a lightning strike or a retard with a cigarette, but it does create the perfect conditions for small fires to blow up into huge fires. California has been having wildfires for decades, the difference is that long, hot, dry summers make them a hell of a lot worse than they'd be otherwise.

Long, hot, dry summers in places where the summers used to be not so extreme... if only there were a term to accurately describe this change in overall climate.

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Israeli's starting forest fires in South America, burning tens of thousands of acres. - "Andinia Plan" = Jewish Plan to create a state in Patagonia by any means possible.

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As mentioned in the article, wildfires are made worse by the limitations imposed on controlled burning by people.

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USA fed research paper by GAO, says that MAJORITY of USA fires are arson by illegal alien invaders, based on known arrests only, historically.


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USA fed research paper by GAO, says that MAJORITY of USA fires are arson by illegal alien invaders, based on known arrests only, historically.


I agree with you.. Can see them plain as day walking around like they fit in.

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But yet climate change is not caused by people? Hmmmmmmm.........

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The other 10% caused by Climate change Lightning

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