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That’s true. But a very fundamental issue is that medical insurance isn’t really normal insurance. One insures against emergency expenses one may not have the savings to absorb. One doesn’t buy insurance to then use it to pay for normal expenses one would incur anyway. I don’t think our system will change quickly, but making insurance more rational, not requiring people to buy it and not requiring it to cover all sorts of bullshit things may help. Insurance should be for emergency and long term issues, not every visit and check up.

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I think you should be allowed to have a choice about your level of insurance, and not required by government to do so. But there's a concept called "self-insurance", where if you have enough savings you might take the risk of having to pay a large bill. But the way things are, the "large bill" wouldn't be on the order of a hundred months worth of payments, like the insurer would have to pay; it'd be in the thousands of months worth of payments, which is just silly.

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Some bills will always be so high only a few will get the treatment. People will get sick and die. The problem with the current system is it has completely disconnected the supply from the demand. People who need medical care don’t pay for it. They pay for insurance. The people who provide medical care don’t charge their patients, they reach deals with insurers. And the government oversees it all with burdensome regulation.

At the end of the day it is amazing we have the best healthcare available in the world even so.