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Been cheaper for me to claim no insurance for hospital visits.

With insurance I'll see stupid charges like $1,500 walk in fee, assorted waiting fees, seperate bills from doctors acting as "contractors" along with various assorted other charges.

By the time everything is said and done I'm paying 2 to 3 times as more than claiming no insurance. Ask for an itemized bill or any attempt at negioating is met with brutal hostility. I've had bills sent directly to hostile and predatory collection agencies that will just take you to court if you question anything. At that point you seriously need an attorney because they play dirty. You'll get "served" by the attorney, but chances are they just tossed the notice in your yard. Go to court to challenge it because lets say your insurance paid in full and there was an actual error. You'll get a second court date but the clerk issues them at the end of the day and its the collection agencies attorneys responsibility to get you that court notice. If they know they'll lose they just wont inform you, then file for new court dates.

Theres a hospital in my state thats has a class action against it for shady predatory billing practices. Some family, coworkers, friends, and myself have dealt with their bullshit.


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This happened to us! (I've ranted about this on here before, and I will continue to rant about it until well into my old age) We were "served" but never received the notice. Our case went to court where a judgement was found against us. We had no idea. I only found out when I went to get my paycheck and I was short $700. I called HR and they showed me the court order...I was like, what the hell? I called an attorney and he was like, "yeah, you just got roboserved by the most notorious medical collection agency". They also hit my husbands check. The kicker was it was a medical bill that was SUPPOSE to be mostly covered by the insurance we purchased on the damn Obummer Marketplace. Assholes. We didn't have money to pay our rent so we were evicted. I had a 2 year old and a 3 month old baby. Fuckng Obamacare literally made us homeless. Fuck anyone who dares to try and sell me on nationalized healthcare, I will throat punch you.


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Then you should negotiate before