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This is fantastic! It's about time.

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This is a damn good start but it's only halfway there.

The next step is to require insurers pay at least a large fraction of the posted price. Wait, wait, hear me out.

Part of the problem with medical costs is insurers keep negotiating larger and larger discounts on procedures while doctors and hospitals ramp up the prices. By requiring insurers pay, say, at least 85-90% of the price offered to the public, those insurers will tell the doctors/hospitals to either drop their prices or have the insurers drop them from their network. In this way fairer prices will be negotiated, and people who are uninsured won't have hospital bills an order of magnitude greater than the insurance companies would have paid.

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Been cheaper for me to claim no insurance for hospital visits.

With insurance I'll see stupid charges like $1,500 walk in fee, assorted waiting fees, seperate bills from doctors acting as "contractors" along with various assorted other charges.

By the time everything is said and done I'm paying 2 to 3 times as more than claiming no insurance. Ask for an itemized bill or any attempt at negioating is met with brutal hostility. I've had bills sent directly to hostile and predatory collection agencies that will just take you to court if you question anything. At that point you seriously need an attorney because they play dirty. You'll get "served" by the attorney, but chances are they just tossed the notice in your yard. Go to court to challenge it because lets say your insurance paid in full and there was an actual error. You'll get a second court date but the clerk issues them at the end of the day and its the collection agencies attorneys responsibility to get you that court notice. If they know they'll lose they just wont inform you, then file for new court dates.

Theres a hospital in my state thats has a class action against it for shady predatory billing practices. Some family, coworkers, friends, and myself have dealt with their bullshit.

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It would help if all contracts were public, yes?

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That’s true. But a very fundamental issue is that medical insurance isn’t really normal insurance. One insures against emergency expenses one may not have the savings to absorb. One doesn’t buy insurance to then use it to pay for normal expenses one would incur anyway. I don’t think our system will change quickly, but making insurance more rational, not requiring people to buy it and not requiring it to cover all sorts of bullshit things may help. Insurance should be for emergency and long term issues, not every visit and check up.

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Informed consumers + more competition. Of course it's amazing!

Hopefully this will start a price war where each and every health center will price their services in a predictable (big problem today) and realistic way, driving the costs down, making more people visit the hospital before a minor problem becomes a big problem (another huge issue) and improving the services by reducing wasteful procedures. (yet again other massive problem)

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You can always ask for the price for anything. Posting it just more regulation that is unnecessary (like restaurants posting calories). GOP vote for just as much new regulations as Democrats. That is why they suck just as much if not more.

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and who at the hospital do i ask how much a lung transplant is?

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Ignorance is not a stronge base to argue from.

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Definitely. Some people already do price shop for medical procedures but it's a very small population. This even by itself can apply downward pressure on prices...

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It requires time and a good bit of effort to do, though. If insurance weren’t standing in the way distorting how people shop, it would be similar to buying cars. That doesn’t apply to emergency services obviously.

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Evil people hate their own money and thus won't bother

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Not going to make a difference until people have accounts they have to pay for the bills out of.

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It only fails because it refuses to cure and instead mask the problem with more problems. You and your teacher are both subhuman.

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Troll harder shareblue

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This may be the biggest awesome shit Trump has done outside of killing the TPP. This is fucking huge.

I'm still not tired of winning.

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Russians rigged the healthcare system.

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imagine going into a restaurant and just getting whatever they brought out to you, no menu or anything. then getting the check brought to you after you were done only to find out the price of the thing you didnt even know you were getting.

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$15 meal

$5 service charge

$6 administrative charge

$20 meal prep

$5 meal temperature test

$20 quality assurance check

Thank you sir, we accept payment plans

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$15,000 meal

$5,000 service charge

$6,000 administrative charge

$2,000 meal prep

$500 meal temperature test

$2,000 quality assurance check


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You forgot the lab work, x-rays and CT scans.

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Cept the majority of the people payed with an EBT card.

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There's a doctor where my wife works that does just that.

If you see him, you are getting checked for everything just so he can avoid possible malpractice lawsuits.

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my GF works as an RN in the operating room and she tells me often about the doctors taking time to fuck around, or sing, or just be generally distracted during surgery, then tells me that they charge $55 per minute.

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A huge step in the right direction.

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Fuckin' YUUUGE.

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thats actually a really big deal.

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Awesome. Msm won't even mention it except on fox

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Are they going to have a "Without Insurance" and "Cash Up Front" selection?
Cutting out the lawyers would reduce the cost of healthcare dramatically.

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That's a good point. (((Lawyers))) have succeeded in making unnecessary middlemen in almost every industry. Cut those out and get back to even trade.

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My theory is that kikes do this to hire more of their own into these positions. Funnily enough, Hiter wanted them out for the exact same reason the US populace does( they lie, they usurp, they are given free cash and undermine, they product nothing of value, etc)

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If they posted the actual cash price, they'd likely get skullfucked by newly-armed insurance companies. They'll almost certainly just list whatever quote the insurance companies get with a footnote that "financial assistance is available".

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Don't think for a second the kike run insurance companies wont fight back on this one. Wouldn't be surprised if cash based hospitals go bankrupt for liability or some other bullshit reason

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