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"where did all our entrepreneurs go?! why is our economy stagnant?!" - the UK, 20 years from now

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"why are those eerie pale people pointing a club at me?" - the UK, 25 years from now

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لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله - the UK, 30 years from now

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You got a loicense for that rhetoric m80?

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doesn't have licence to carry waste

I think you mean loisence.

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The UK is still pushing hard to make 1984 a reality, even if they're running a bit late.

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Everyone read the date wrong, it should read 19.08.04.

By 4th August 2019 the plan will be complete.

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I wonder if 1984 was more "predictive programming" than a warning.

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When you are desperate to find funds to pay for the welfare.

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When you are desperate to find funds to pay for the welfare.

The welfare for Muhammed, his pregnant teen wife, their fourteen children aged from six to forty-seven, and his three 'sisters' or 'cousins' (one who looks pregnant, but nah, she can't be one of his wives, can she?) all of whom have never worked in their lives, and live on generous benefit payments.

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Wither England? It's been replaced...by a parody of itself. If you read the "fine" he received, you'd swear the entire thing was parody. It reads like the driest of comedy. Yet it's REAL. This is what the UK has become. They've tramped down your will England! Go out there and deactivate the RFID contaminated trash bins! Tell the councils where to stick it! Revolt England! Revolt!

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Yep, this isn't fixable without a full purge. Too many people are complicit to allow them to disappear back into the woodwork, only to start the process all over again.

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I mean, at this point, what do they have to lose? Just take up weapons and go kill the fucking traitors.

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Britain is a shithole.

Everyday we read how much of a shithole Britain is.

Leads me to conclude (as I have always suspected) that Britain is a nation of faggots.

If you are British, kill yourself, do the world a favour.

..just kidding, obviously you are a nation of cowards, you would never have the balls to off yourselves...., sadly.

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'Poofters', not 'faggots'. None of your new-fangled Americanisms welcome here.

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If you are British, kill yourself, do the world a favour.

Or go on a rampage and kill a few assholes till the cops sucide you.

Well shit I forgot that the cops in the Cucking Kingdome don't carry, than again they are usually quit to fuck shit up when a white is involved.

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How the fuck do British people dispose of their waste? I mean sure, you have a trash container outside, but what if you just moved, bought some furniture or some large electronics?

Where I live, you put that shit in your car, drive to a recycling yard and dispose of it there, how do Brits do it?

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In some cities they have bulk trash pickup on certain days.

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It goes for electronics too?

In Germany they pick up only furniture (some cities callculate it into the overall trash pick up fees so its "free", so charge by weight or volume) You have to drive your electronics to recycling yourselfe, pretty convenient for Brits if you dont have a large car or no car at all.

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They do the exact same thing.

The problem here is you have taken a Sun article at face value.

I thought goats knew the MSM was just clickbait shit?

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That's exactly what we do. This guy is full of shit and some busybody didn't believe that he was not carrying it commercially. These matters usually get cleared up pretty quickly and easily, but the Sun newspaper is the definition of fake news.

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Oi! Mate! Where's your dirty van loicense!

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