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Next week: Mugabe street

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I guess it is now time to ask for educational institution named "Adolf Hitler's School for Tolerance". There may be no reasonable objections.

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I second the motion and add that we make the musolini school of kikery and liberal arts.

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Typical Negroe government. First they kick out or kill the whites, then they all starve to death.

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Letter from Jean-Jacques Dessalines, 1793


The USA supported the revolution, providing support to Toussaint L’Ouverture’s forces, to get rid of the French.


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Not every white. Just the French. There were Germans living in Haiti as well. The Germans they dealt with everyone fairly, including the blacks, so the negroes respected them and reciprocated. They were not harmed by Dessalines once France was finally defeated.

Edit: by the way, the 'French' on the Island were probably Jews, since Jews are more involved in harvesting and exploiting slaves more than anybody else.

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Agreed. It's still pretty genocidal, though.

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The day came for you to choose between blacks and Jews, and you chose Jews.

I'll remember

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Traitors hold office in The State

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What is wrong with the Western societies? It's like they are in a delirium.

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It is as if the elites have a death wish and they want to take the rest of us down with them. They are completely possessed by a cult-like groupthink leading them in a Gadarene rush to disaster. Fine, if they want to off themselves, and good riddance to festering trash, but they are driven by their pride to destroy civilization along with themselves.

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It is as if the elites have a death wish and they want to take the rest of us down with them

Yes. Exactly so.

destroy civilization along with themselves

Unfortunately, a very probable prospect.

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They should rename Park Ave to "Champs-Osama-Bin-Laden"

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White people are racist because all the others are fucking murderers. Sharing our stuff with any any them ever was terrible mistake. They took a while show their true colors, but I don;t think there's any going back from here.

When someone comes up with a cure for toxoplasmosis, the cat shit disease that makes rats and mice forget about danger and not run away when they see a cat, the cat ladies on the left can take a pill and and kill the oocyst parasites inside themselves and then freak out about how retarded and stupid they've been. They can kill the parasites outside then while we relax.

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