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Here’s an idea.

Total welfare per year is X. Every time a nigger hurts a white person, $100,000 is taken away from next year’s welfare pot. Every time a white person does a convicted hate crime on a nigger, $66,000 goes back in.

We open up a national news station which only exists to report interracial (interspecies) crime.

Thank me in 2020.

[–] Justaddcoffee 1 points 43 points (+44|-1) ago  (edited ago)

They need to cut welfare for the white women too. Do you know how coal burners see welfare, they see it as the white man paying them to have kids with black men.

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See now I wonder if it's easier to go after coal burning, or single moms. Because coal burners are single moms, and single moms are the statistically largest group using welfare benefits. You can also use this to jew blacks by reminding them: "hey the spics are taking your welfare"

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Forgive me but I'm not so sure that coalburners are intelligent enough to think as far ahead as you have suggested.

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No, he says total welfare. So niggers being niggers would be fucking everybody over as they'd reduce the size of the pie until there's no pie left.

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Better idea: end all government welfare and abolish 'hate crime' laws.

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"Hate crime" is just a pretty word to say that if you are going to abuse or attack someone, he better be white! Committing crimes against white people, or specifically white heterosexual males, carries a lesser penalty. Bonus points if he's Christian too.

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And add. . . when around niggers, keep your finger on the trigger.

There's no reason to not carry.

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"Why our welfare gone? We dindu nuffin wrong."

Riots begin.

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[LIVE AMMO used on rioters!]

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Actually this scheme counts on them being completely unable to.