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Here’s an idea.

Total welfare per year is X. Every time a nigger hurts a white person, $100,000 is taken away from next year’s welfare pot. Every time a white person does a convicted hate crime on a nigger, $66,000 goes back in.

We open up a national news station which only exists to report interracial (interspecies) crime.

Thank me in 2020.

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They need to cut welfare for the white women too. Do you know how coal burners see welfare, they see it as the white man paying them to have kids with black men.

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See now I wonder if it's easier to go after coal burning, or single moms. Because coal burners are single moms, and single moms are the statistically largest group using welfare benefits. You can also use this to jew blacks by reminding them: "hey the spics are taking your welfare"

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Forgive me but I'm not so sure that coalburners are intelligent enough to think as far ahead as you have suggested.

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No, he says total welfare. So niggers being niggers would be fucking everybody over as they'd reduce the size of the pie until there's no pie left.

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Better idea: end all government welfare and abolish 'hate crime' laws.

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"Hate crime" is just a pretty word to say that if you are going to abuse or attack someone, he better be white! Committing crimes against white people, or specifically white heterosexual males, carries a lesser penalty. Bonus points if he's Christian too.

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And add. . . when around niggers, keep your finger on the trigger.

There's no reason to not carry.

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"Why our welfare gone? We dindu nuffin wrong."

Riots begin.

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[LIVE AMMO used on rioters!]

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Actually this scheme counts on them being completely unable to.

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Why the fuck would you stop and get out... are you kidding me?

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She couldn't see through the windshield and had glass in her eye.

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Pedal it to get away from the animals, then take a pause. I don't blame her, and hope her story is a lesson to future would-be victims. Also for them to carry a weapon and use it in a situation like this.

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Stupid kid is stupid. Lucky he didn't rape and murder here right there and then.

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Thank you. I watched this with the sound off and thought the same thing. I'll go back and watch with sound when I get the chance, but this isn't a "teenage girls are stupid" thing. She had to have known him in some way. Again, I watched without sound and I will go back and watch with her commentary. However, when I was 14 I had ginger man vigorously masterbating in his car while following my friend and me around the neighborhood. We ran fast to 7-11 (about .25 miles) and called the cops. This girl was essentially already at a 7-11.

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I had the same thought- she essentially gave up the only protection she had. A car can be a good physical barrier from someone trying to beat you up- the moment you open the door, most of that protection is gone.

Best thing to do is just drive because you're in a car and your attacker isn't- that means you can get far, far, far away before he can even call you a mean name. Don't get out unless you're packing and you're ready to use it. Reginald Denny would agree with me.

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Teenage girls aren't known for doing well in high pressure situations.

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Especially now that they are taught they have to responsibility nor any ability to stay away from trouble or extricate themselves

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Shoot the nigger if you want to be safe.

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Keep a gun. Kill aggressive niggers. Case closed.

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"I felt my life was in danger" is the total truth, so it comes out genuine since it is genuine no acting skills needed.

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chimps gonna chimp

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Hope she enjoyed that red pill

She makes a good point though- he didn't face any repercussions. For all the bullshit over 'unreported rapes' feminists use to inflate rape stats, let's think about all the times black people attacked someone and nothing happened to them. Right off the top of my head I can think of two times it happened to me.

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Same here, although I bet if we really thought about it, we could remember that number a little higher.

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I wonder how many white girls give up their pussies that easily due to a mix of jew media glorifying chimpmen, white guilt, etc. Was that guy really used to white girls spreading their legs so easily that a simple "no" triggered him like that?

We really should start calling blacks chimpmen.

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We've grown so used to seeing blacks that we've forgotten how deformed their faces really are. Every time I see photos of albino Africans it really puts things into perspective. They're basically subhuman.

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She didn't even burn the coal, and she nearly had to pay the toll.

A lesson to learn from the footage: if some ape is attacking your car, please do not stop and get out unless you have a gun and plan to shoot him. A vehicle provides quite a bit of protection from an unarmed/melee weapon wielding attacker. Best thing you can do is use the vehicle and drive away. This woman could've easily been mobbed and stabbed to death in a matter of seconds after she hopped out.

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