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I already said it and I'll say it again, "The left™" has rendered racism as the only practical policy

Think about that

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The hilarious part is that racism is a totally normal part of just about every other "culture" than "whites". These people hate other groups because they remember their history. Asian people have always kind hated whites, now you can just barf it out on social media and get high fives all around. These despicable cowards aren't saying there things in public unless surrounded by their "safe zones"

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Well personally I couldn't care less about her feelings, or the feelings of asians toward whites in general

What I'm interested in, in that instance, is how "I" can use that as a rope

They want to stand by her, good, stand by the rope, when you're promoting racial hatred toward 50% of the population it's going to get you a lot of new membership subscribers i'm sure

Now if they fire her I'll blame them for that too, evidently