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Isn't that how it always starts?! Withou an angry butterface chink we wouldn't be here.

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The fuck?!

Don't remember seeing that, but its spot on.

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Pao was just their outward facing shill.

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Yes, but still she has to be a salty chink to take this gig to hurt the evil white man because she couldnt do it on her own.

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Pao was more than an outward facing shill, she was a diseased whore internationalist owned by Feminist hollyweird globalist types a criminal mudshark. Pao was all in for the Obama agenda, there was money following from fag global weirdos in England, HK, China, fags in India, in Taiwan, Canada, France, Saudi, Israel and a shit ton of weird degeneracy, she basically promoted smut and at the same time tried to shut free speech on reddit silence the truth of Hillary and Libya because she was a filthy cheating mudshark with a criminal husboon. Pao tried to shut and censor the biggest communities on reddit and was still criticized for deleting these communities and SJW-like censorship. This resulted in the creation of subreddits like /r/ellenpaohate and /r/paomustresign, as well as VOAT’s servers overloading due to all the migrating redditors, after Pao was removed reddit got an even worse leader Spez Huffman.

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haha true