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This looks ridiculous and makes the person think: "These people are always decrying racism, but then they hire a person who says racist things about whites?"

You have to understand, the leftist looks at racism in a completely different way than most people.

A minority cannot be racist in their eyes. Since the people who control the world is a straight white male patriarchy, any one who speaks objectively bigoted things about whites cannot be racist.

No, instead they are heroes. Rebels fighting against a perceived oppressive establishment. They are thus never held accountable for the ilk they profess.

To the left, only Whites can be racist.


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I point it out as often as I can to people. Making everything about race is by definition racism. The ((( media brainwashing machine ))) sure did a good job on these people.


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And THAT (how the left looks at racism), Indigo, forces the use of world-class twisted logic. As well as an inability to see reality even when one is smacked in the face with it.

I grew up as a dem, but the party did not spout hatriotism back in the 60 and 70s.


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I hear that. There's a guy I listen to on siriusxm (Andrew Wilkow) who explains that the Democrats are no longer an American political party.

They have instead become an international socialist party. Thus, the entire idea of patriotism (pride and loyal of ones own Nation State) is incompatible with them.

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Here’s the thing. These assholes have been paralyzing us for nearly a century because we actually have human empathy. Now that we’ve figured that out and stopped being ashamed of shit we’ve never done, it would be more effective to point out their subhuman lack of empathy.

So, the attack on them is to say they can be as racist all they want and they’ll never change because they lack the humanity to feel shame for hating a generic race of humans merely for their skin color. And when they double down and proudly restate they have no feeling for white people, our victory in this is to expose their subhumanity to normies.


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The facts are extremely important when answering such ridiculous claims.

However, I think this is ultimately useless unless the one using these facts gains control of the narrative.

I've seen so many people on the right lose easily winnable arguments because they merely recite facts. They act as if they are on trial and have to provide the proof that they aren't evil people because they disagree.

Such issues as the Sandra Fluke controversy, debates about Islam, anchor babies, and gay marriage to name a few.


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I am still waiting for the big switch when whites are no longer the majority...we are totally going to get all this free shit and musilms will be the assholes, right?


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I wouldn't count on it. South Africa looks the other way while white farmers are raped and murdered. To my knowledge, they're a minority in that country.