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I'm starting to think there are a lot more child molesters cruising around on Voat than any of us realize, because of all the down votes the recent posts about Dan Harmon have been getting. All child molesters deserve to be strangled with their own intestines after they've been forced to eat their own severed genitals.

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"How dare you accuse our sacred lord creator of Rick and Morty! We don't care if he eats breakfast while getting sucked off by toddlers. I'm Pickle Rick!" - Pedo Defending Rick and Morty Idiots

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I think this is more accurate.

It's a form of cognitive dissonance?

"I revere his creation, therefore he cannot be impure, or I myself may be impure"

It's too hard for them to separate a creator from his content, and judge each separately.

Also, their fragile egos can't handle the stress.

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This place is saturated with pedos and jews

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Lots of jdif shills down voating anything related to eric clopper as well.. he named the fucking jew at harvard!!!

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OP is a shill account that’s been inactive for eight months.


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Yeah, I had to check the URL a few times to make sure I wasn't on reddit.

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https://voat.co/v/ProtectVoat/2656108 all posts from this group of tards

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Thanks for posting that info. I don't understand much about bots but isn't this just a bunch of people going around on Voat trying to defend that Harmon pervert? Would that still be considered a bot? Sounds more like a shill to me, or a bunch of shills working together.

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There are a lot of pedophiles out there. It’s a fact.

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The same post has, ibn its inane ramblings

Have you heard the news about Jesus Christ? He's calling you. From inside the house.

This is nothing more than pearl-clutching over a loose comment. This childish devotion to getting someone fired over some shock humor does nothing but make you look bad.

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Agreed. And the people saying "you can never joke about child molestation, it's too offensive" are taking a page right out of the feminists book.

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No, it violates Federal Law and is a crime. Obscenity is not protected by the 1st amendment, least of all sadistic depiction of child pornography. You sick fuck.

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Shh. Freedom of speech only matters if they're on your side.

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Nobody is claiming they can't say something...just repeated use of a certain tropes throw out red flags. Corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to their stock holders to protect their brand/profit. It would be pure malfeasance for Cartoon network, for example, NOT to fire someone attaching pedophilia to their brand. This has NOTHING to do with freedom of speech, retard. The moment the Dan Harmon baby fucking video came out, his career is going away...probably Rick and Morty too...I hope you poor things can deal with a drop in your IQ.

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Obscenity is not covered by the 1st Amendment.

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And years after the fact..... myspace becomes relevant again.

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Where is the Myspace blog

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It's clickbait. What they're complaining about is a post in which he says a stream of the weirdest and most offensive things he can, including nigger and "I have sex with children." It's very clearly not a serious claim and nowhere near the same territory as the guardians of the galaxy guy who repeatedly made very off colour jokes (which were barely jokes) about having sex with children.

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Dan Harmon also put out videos online of him fucking baby dolls and told his staff to watch child porn. Ya super clickbaity. It all sounds fake but maybe this was him coming out to the world while also disguising it as just insane speak

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Aren't about half their shows on @cartoonnetwork about molesting kids anyways? I doubt they're going to push one of their own under the bus. If you have kids lock the channel on cable or block the IP on your firewall. Problem solved.

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Now that you mention it I did always kinda get a bit of pedo vibe from rick & morty, probably just coincidence

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The whole pilot could be interpreted as being the delusions of Morty being abused by his alcoholic grandfather. The rest of the show: all the parallel dimension adventures could be a figment of his imagination, while he is being drugged and abused by his grandfather.

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Taken down by Myspace

What a twist

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