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Good work! Thank you!

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Thank you!

@brandon816 your good work is being spread again.

I used to have most of those fuckers tagged as bots in AVE until it crapped out and wiped all my settings.

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I wish someone was still working on AVE

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Welp that explains being threatened with "you'll see me after you're dead" and "I'm a Marina" yesterday at least.

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Thank you! Downvoat these losers wherever you see them!

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I've noticed @JohnDavidPodesta has been making a shit load of "profound" posts over on v/pizzagate that are getting upvoted a lot lately & while I've gotten rusty over the months in my absence. I still smelled something fucky when I kept seeing his username coming up over and over again on the front page. Just shows that we have to be careful who is making which posts because this place is getting attacked daily.

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/v/Pizzagate was one of their main targets for a long time now, in fact, I wholeheartedly believe this group is responsible in a rather large way of completely derailing the sub and making it was it is now, which is a complete joke full of made up shit, and only a tiny bit of real, terrifying truth is left there but mostly goes ignored in favor for the outlandish fake garbage that is mostly upvoated there.

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I do believe that the sub is being attacked all the time but it's because they are trying to keep down the fact that both sides of the party are involved in it. It would take the down the whole of govt if the researchers actually broke through. I do believe that it's real but it's also heavily misunderstood and definitely confusing at times. But it's fucking real. Look at watergate, now how was that real and this can't be after how many decades?

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using the Hollywood Pedo stuff as a tool to gain SCP/CCP.

The fact that it works says a lot more about voat's general idiocy than about the spammers.

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Oh god you said it, even now as I just got to work and took a peek here on voat there are a couple highly upvoated posts by one of the bots...

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Damn it! I think was in a tizzy and was typing too fast haha

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