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Okay voat let’s just try to stay focused on what he was arrested for instead of the usual “he’s a controlled shill”.

Great, he’s out of jail, jail sucks, he can have some beers and relax.


The mudslime faggotry needs to be spoken about in every single comment, article, speech......or it won’t be long before your tongue is nailed to a table and you get raped by thirty fucking senators......., oops I meant devout rapists...., oops again...., I meant islamists

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Thrilled for his children. That got emotional.

When he manages to see even a fraction of the global outpouring of support and anger at his imprisonment, he is going to be bolstered in his position. The establishment tried to strike him down whilst smirking, but their arrogance will be their undoing.

All they did was shine a light on their own corruption and biased narrative. And now millions more are watching and paying attention.

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Time to collect that sweet donation money.

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It is such a shame that white working class outrage has been aimed at the wrong person, for the wrong reasons, and I am wondering if, when this sinks in, those who support him will be left deflated. Maybe thats part of the plan?

Its the wrong person because Robinson is a fully paid up Zionist shill, and Zionists are largely responsible for the mess we are in. In deflected anger away from the cause of the problem [Jews] onto one of the symptoms [Muslim immigration] Robinson is actually part of the problem.

Its the wrong reasons because people have been led to believe a whole host of false reasons as to why Robinson was jailed – they include the states wish to silence dissent, end free speech, cover up Muslim crimes, to saying he was never in contempt of court because the trial was over, and he was only doing what the BBC do every day.

The state does wish for many of those things, but if you read the legal reporting of the case, Robinson was jailed for a simple contempt of court. He may have been jailed too quickly, and dealt with harshly, but that doesn’t change the fact of why he was jailed.

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Something different about him. Maybe he converted to Islam while he was in jail.

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Horray,the jews released a jew they arrested to distract people and make them think they have some kind of power over the government. Congratulations.