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An entire crowd of people, in the middle of California, refused to "just play softball" and instead took it upon themselves to sing the National Anthem - because this is America.

Anybody who says California is "lost" should just stop and be quiet while the Brave are making America great again.

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That story made me feel good about patriotic Americans. We are still Americans. And we don't take a knee during the National Anthem at the start of a sporting event. We stand up , take our hats off , and sing along . And in doing so does not mean we agree with the unConstitutional policies and laws and wars our unworthy government officials signed our country and military to do. We think of the fight our forefathers had and their belief in freedom and liberty , even unto death , That all men are created equal , and this is self evident . WE have God given rights.. Our country , our beloved Constitution shows us the way . IF only our elected and appointed officials held true to their sworn oath to defend and up hold the Constitution of The United States. We still believe in it. We still want it.

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its good optics, but i HIGHLY doubt the type people who would attend a baseball game are fully representative of Commiefornia as a whole.

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Feels like I repeat this too much, but remember that California had more Trump voters than the entire combined populations of 27 states.

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actually outside of Sac, San Francisco, Oakland, and LA/Hollywood, most of the state is pretty red and conservative, it's just that the concentration of liberal shitheads in those areas overshadow the rest of the state.

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Thanks for you hilariously naïve opinion :)

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I'm waiting for the upcoming genocidal action in SA to spark some real Americanism here at home.

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I'm a military vet. I have an American flag above my mantle that I flew over Iraqi American occupied soil. So, when I say this, it's not from lack of patriotism.

The national anthem shouldn't be played before a ball game. It's tacky. Play it during the 4th of July, and events of national importance. Wasting it on a ball game played by a bunch of zit faced teenagers is disrespectful to the flag and our nation. I might make an exception for playing it when an athlete who is representing the nation wins a gold metal. But, before any T-ball match? No.

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That's pretty interesting. Baseball is America's game. Baseball is a huge part of American culture.

I assume you are OK with it being played before a Major League game. So I then ask:

Why would you not feel the same when we are taking the next generation and teaching them how to be American?

These are kids, and we're showing them what it means... No?

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Where's the video?

Here it is OP is a fag for posting bottom feeder journalism. Primary sources or gtfo.

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Black sheep , thank you for link to video. btw I totally trust the source I linked the story from. But , I get it. Thanks again for the link to the video. Citizen journalism. Not bottom feeder? The New American magazine is one the best ones out there and has been for decades

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If it's a report of a report, it's not journalism, it's editorialism.

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The thing is: if they hadn't made the announcement and just played no one would have noticed since they sang it at start of tournament play. Because they pointed it out the people determined that it was a political decision and we're forced to make a stand. Mark my words: california will turn red before Texas goes blue.

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At the risk of doxxing myself, proud to say that's where I was raised and schooled. A bastion of Whiteness in a sea of brown.

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The quiet erosion of every other American tenet is fine but don't mess with our national anthem!

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Sounds like a misunderstanding from the coordinator.

The message was not lost on the event coordinator, Bob Kayajanian, who told the Bee that when more than one game is played during a tournament such as this one, the National Anthem is played only before the first one. But, chastened by the booing and the makeshift choir’s patriotic and heartfelt (albeit ragged) rendition, he announced that it was “a learning experience” and “going forward we’re playing the national anthem [before] every game.”

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Fucking based

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Do you know that it used to be unpatriotic to sing during the National Anthem? You were supposed to stand respectfully and listen.

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I did not know that. But I understand why it might be seen as , well , rude maybe , not unpatriotic imo.

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I am from Costa Rica but I liked reading the article.

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Here's the video, thanks to BlackSheepBrouhaha.

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Thanks, I will watch it when I get home.

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