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Let's skip concentration camps this time and just shoot on sight.

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Pedoswim says he stays, Hasbro and McDonalds probably need more pressure before they relent. I want to hear more reeeeing about the high IQ of the show before it self destructs.

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Lol does anyone still have that self righteous copypasta talking about how a fan "gets" the show better than any of us plebs.

That asshole got a tattoo if I remember. That'll age well /s

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Just so you guys know, OP belongs to a very large voat spamming group that uses well over 100 accounts to spam the current popular bullshit in the news in order to farm ccp/scp and to spread whatever disinfo they can to make the site look like a bunch of crazies. They use bots to control many of the accounts as well, especially when replying to their own submissions.

They were very highly active around the Vegas shooting, where this OP faggot obviously got his name.

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They still expect us to believe in Russia collusion.

It doesn't change the fact that Dan Harmon is a pedo employed by Pedowood.

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I don't want to be a pain, but can you name the jew?

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What's the bottom left picture? I've never seen anything like that in Rick and Morty.

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Doc and Mharti

It was created by Justin Roland in 2012. This is what inspired Rick and Morty. Original on his website

Here is the video in question. No audio included for some reason. But it doesn't look like a crotch in the video. More like the arm of a sweatshirt, but it is hard to tell either way. He is definately wearing a hoodie in the video.

This seems like misinformation spread to manufacture outrage thet can then be used to show that all of the outrage was just an overreaction based on a few exaggerated examples while ignoring legitimate concerns.

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Voaters are hypocritical fucks. They pretend to care about facts and reason, then when it targets a perceived enemy, the ends suddenly justify the means.

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Yeah that picture wasn't actually made by them I don't think and is included just to make it seem worse. Don't get me wrong his actions were pretty gross but adding on false information only hurts the message

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not defending dan hes an obvious pedo, but is the baby touching his crotch or his sleeve?

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Probably sleeve tbh. The picture on the bottom left is also not part of the video and is added in for shock value. So everyone's getting all worked up over a bunch of bs and not doing research because it fits their narrative. Jeez I almost thought I was on that other site for a moment!

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These people need to be exposed. They are sick. That is all.

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McDonalds HQ and regional phone numbers would be handy on a post like this.

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Dumb thing to do.

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