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Most U.S. chain restaurants like Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc. entire business model rely on low cost, high volume sales. Raising the minimum wage would force these restaurants to transfer the cost to the advertised menu price.

Most people go to these restaurants because they are seen as cheap alternatives based solely off the menu price. The cost of tips is not put into the decision of choosing a restaurant.

If they raise the wait staff minimum wage my theory is that most of these chain restaurants will close and in their place self service will replace wait staff in the low cost dining model. Most will shift to buffet style sit down like cici's or golden corral.

We might also see fast food chains shift slightly to capture that market with a more dine-in experience. An example would be a large dine in pizza hut.

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That's where you are wrong. People for some stupid reason will never stop going to crapplebees

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Like I said the only reason these types of restaurants are viable is because of the perceived low cost in the advertised price. The types of customers that go to these microwave restaurants are more price sensitive to advertising.

They won't stop going to cheap restaurants but their new business model will not be as appealing to price driven customers.

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stop talking about this shit. its on reddit every other week. its never going to stop.

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By paying a fair wage???

The horror fox jews, the horror

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Anyone that thinks this will end tipping is delusional. You'll end up with less restaurants to choose from since many won't be able to stay open, have crappier service due to fewer employees, be charged more, and will still be expected to tip because "those evil owners aren't giving employees enough hours".

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So there will be fewer jobs but people will still have a shitty work ethic? You don't make any sense. If there were fewer job opportunities people would care more about their jobs.

This is the same train of attempted thought as when they put the smoking ban in restaurants-nobody will come and everything will close. Surprise, they were wrong then too.