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Always the women who seek to erode society. The road to hell is paved with good intentions - by women, apparently.

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It's a test by women to see who the real alpha men are.

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Wrong. If an alpha stepped in and put get in her place, she'd make it her life goal to ruin his life.

She just wants to burn the coal and virtue signal.

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Truth. The ultimate shit-test.

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Yes, note that males don't engage in this sort of nonsense. Females do it because they think they are above the law. They think they are entitled to exceptions. The law is meant only for men. Females are not guided by rules but their selfish, vain emotions which is why they make poor team players and are second-rate members of society.

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Always the women who seek to erode society. The road to hell is paved with women...

At first I thought you wrote that

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New post because it's 17 minutes later. I tried to find the author of the quote you provided by pasting into search engines. I didn't get any hits. Who wrote that?

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I thought I had.

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No, that way they come back. We need an example, to show the rest not to fuck off

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Nah, they will be raped and murdered

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Hogtie them both and make the migrant carry them back to wherever they're going as luggage. Easy solutions, come at me with a REAL problem!

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Deport 3rd worlders in Europe with extreme prejudice and listen not to the feminist with a bbc rape fetish

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deport the feminists psychos with them, so they can learn the hard way what they're welcoming in.

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If you intentionally delay a plane full of passengers as some kind of "protest", you should have to pay damages to everyone affected. Somewhere in the $5-10K range per passenger should be the base fine, with missed flights and other expenses added to that.

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Comments on the finnish news sources that allow them were hilarious. No sympathy whatsoever for the fishmouth in question. People were pretty much asking for jail time for her or stiff fines, as there's actually laws on place to punish assholes for pulling shit like this.

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I am certain Sweden is a huge social experiment.

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It's the same program everywhere, and it's not an experiment. It's intentional destruction. The Swedes are just embracing their own destruction better than anybody else.

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With a lot of rape

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Google translation is a bit rubbish, but no English language news of it yet, so you will have to do with that if you can't read Finnish.

Crappy translation says that she was "abducted", correct word would be removed, she wasn't even arrested, just removed from the plane and given a citation. Nobody else took part in her protest even though she tried to get others involved too. Her family was aboard the plane too, husband and children, they didn't take part either.

The woman was Green Party member their Legislative Secretary even.

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Green Party member

I'm seeing more and more of this. The Green party, irrespective of country, seems to have taken over the role as champagne socialists desperately looking for something to advocate for other than the environment.

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It's also important to note that she is a female.

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If they cared about the environment you would rather expect them to advocate policy that in the long run culls the total number of humans on the planet, rather than to artifically inflate their numbers by moving them to meadows that still have some tall grass left.

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just got my sample ballot a few days ago its got a page of green party candidates I think Ill keep this list handy even after the nov elections

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They're called city greens in Finland. I know no other group as hypocritical and pretentious as them.

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This makes me happy. I would have thought there was an armed eacort for deportation to deal with these lunatics.

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Apparently on this case there were four police men escorting the deportee, normally it is just two. Police has refused to say why he was being deported or why so many police with him.

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Finnish, the language that had to be created from the leftover tiles after all other European languages had played a game of Scrabble.

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...that'd be because it's a Ugric language.

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It's not even an indo-european language though.

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It's actually similar to Estonian. My Finnish friend said he could understand about half the lyrics in an Estonian song.

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I loved the translation there were some gems. "The airplane was removed" I pictured the plane disappearing around her while she does a Wil E Coyote in mid-air before splattering on the tarmac.

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"...Swedish woman prevented migrant from being deported..."

...on that particular flight. He was probably on the next one after that cunt went home to inhale her gallon of victory ice cream.

But in all seriousness, how bad do you have to fuck up as a migrant to get deported from Sweden of all places?

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