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Here's what you do; you wear the Antifa clothes, and blend into the black block.

Bring with you long sharpened nails. So that they have a tight point on them, and the nail head is still on the back. In the midst of the excitement, push the nails into their back, near the kidney (on the kidney if you can). If they're full of adrenaline and it's in the middle of a scuffle, chances are they'll think they've just been bumped or hit from behind, not seriously injured.

When they get home, they'll pull off their sweatshirt, and because of the nail-head, it'll rip the nail out of them when they do, causing internal bleeding, and absolutely requiring a visit to the hospital, if not ICU.

... because you look like just another rando in the black block (and because they lack the bonus of weaponized autism) they'll never know who did it, they'll just know that it's no longer safe for them to get together in blocks and threaten people while hiding their faces any more.

So don't be a pussy. Do it. Fahget.


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Go fuck yourself.


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I sense AntiFa is buttmad.