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Flash point, when?

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The left will consume itself without our help. They WANT to get racially awake whites drawn out in conflict, rather than staying calm and PRODUCING RACIST, WHITE CHILDREN.
There is NOTHING to win fighting in the streets against degenerates. Buy a farm, marry a nice white woman, and produce 10 racist, white children who are 100% awake. That is their ultimate nightmare.
When will people realize that street skirmishes achieve NOTHING.
White brothers will get locked up and thrown in jail thanks to the ((((jewdicial system and Goldberg lawyers))), the jew media will blame "white supremicists" and Antifa will get off without any charges! Have we learned nothing from the "Unite the Right" fiasco!?
All you clowns advocating for violence are either jew trolls or you are getting played and don't realize it yet.

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Listen to this man!!

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That strategy has worked so well in the south.

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If you can't kill Quislings and fuck white women at the same time then your genetic horizon shrinks to an Idaho gravel-pit. FIRST you butcher-out Trotsky attackers, like both Poland and Germany did in 1920. SECOND you fuck-like-mink the white babe next-door.

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Group A wants to rally. Group B wants to destroy Group A's rally; therefore Group A are fucking moron idiots for inciting violence.

This is your logic.

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Hold an off-site meeting but pay a bunch of neocons to wear flag bandanas to the protest location with a fertilizer delivery truck near the antifam firecrackers..

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Don't be stupid. Don't show up to a gun fight with a knife. Their plan is to massacre some Pro-Trump deplorables and blame them for it. If you plan on going to this, you'd better be prepared for a fight. That's their MO. They will start a fight in order to suppress your speech. And, the PD will go along with it. Don't trust the PD. They are not your friends.

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they should organize two rallies. once downtown close to transit and starbucks and one slightly less central and rely on them being lazy fucks to not show up

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Desperate to start a civil war that they are going to so badly lose.

They perhaps think the government is going to tolerate this? That MSM will be allowed to spin the message? That the military does not already have well documented contingencies for just such an attempt? The US military is the world's leading expert at doing this to other nations. They are not about to allow it to occur at home. These people are going to get disappeared. That is standard US military counter insurgency doctrine... and nobody does it better.

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So far, most Democrat cities have tolerated Antifa at the behest of their mayors (who hope and pray for the potential to capitialize on a big political splash). The mayor's office is responsible for allocating resources within the city, including emergency personel, and make requests to the state government. The event would have to be big enough for the governor to take over. As for the US military, there are many other special weapons and tactics teams on city, state, and federal level that can do counter insurgency. The US military can be a messy last resort.

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So, how many Molotov Cocktails filled with napalm should I bring?

10? 30? 100?

I can strike from behind. I can wear black to blend in, facemask and all, just like those fucking pussies, then I can go to their rear and start throwing Molotov's with napalm in behind them to prevent them from retreating, lest they run through flaming napalm.

What do?

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How about a drone capable of dropping "items".

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Napalm-Molotov Cocktail-dropping drones?


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I'm surprised more people aren't pretending to be antifa to infiltrate the group, Crowder style.

Hell, if you get a group of 10 of you you could cause some major havoc, then run away together and no one will know what hit them or what's going on.

But really, I just want to watch a big dumpster fire.

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I like this idea just like that one guy would would always throw a nade in csgo because he was actually on the other team.

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Here's what you do; you wear the Antifa clothes, and blend into the black block.

Bring with you long sharpened nails. So that they have a tight point on them, and the nail head is still on the back. In the midst of the excitement, push the nails into their back, near the kidney (on the kidney if you can). If they're full of adrenaline and it's in the middle of a scuffle, chances are they'll think they've just been bumped or hit from behind, not seriously injured.

When they get home, they'll pull off their sweatshirt, and because of the nail-head, it'll rip the nail out of them when they do, causing internal bleeding, and absolutely requiring a visit to the hospital, if not ICU.

... because you look like just another rando in the black block (and because they lack the bonus of weaponized autism) they'll never know who did it, they'll just know that it's no longer safe for them to get together in blocks and threaten people while hiding their faces any more.

So don't be a pussy. Do it. Fahget.

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Go fuck yourself.

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I could never be within a mile of these because I would go insane and be on the news.

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If you cant control your emotions, there is something wrong with you. Get help, lurker, please.

Voat is a board of love and peace.

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I'd agree with this. We talk rougher here but it's simply to stay sharp, like a tiger and its claws, all weapons need maintenance. And easily spot those who don't understand what freedom is on one end or those who don't understand the value of leading with peace and strength (walk softly and carry a big stick) on the other. There is a time for violence, but when some of the opposition are your neighbors who never got the truth (we've all been lied to, most of us got angry when we realized it.) What if you had to face the idea that the entire belief system you based your life on is fundamentally & fatally flawed and you didn't figure it out because you got duped by the most costly, elaborate, sophisticated,mass scale con the world has ever seen. That's what we are dealing with.

The time and place for violence is when force is initiated against you or another. We need a citizenry with ample ability to be lethally dangerous at a moment's notice. There are more good than bad and hero stories are the highest ideal in western culture. War and violence harms a society, it should not be taken upon lightly but we must always be vigilant and prepared to form an effective defense ala " a rifle behind every blade of grass. " Open free(as in speech) communication is key.

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The left wing thugs will start it, promptly get annihilated and the media will blame Trump for "inciting violence"

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And that's exactly their goal. They need cable talking about their lies to recruit more idiots.

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It's what has happened every single time. They always start it, get destroyed, then CNN blames the right.

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Maybe it’s time to end all this bullshit with antifa!!

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Stop advocating for violence, FBI!

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I remember when old man Daly was major in Chicago, they had the democrate convention there and said they were going to riot, he simply came out on the news and said that he gave his police orders shoot to kill, and guess what they all left town and not a whisper of rioting . I'm a republican but he was a damn great mayor, and I'm also in my 70s so your comments are very easy to read thru have a nice day!!

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It is, but you're clearly trying to get some one here arrested.

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Plenty of people on here are obviously black bloc or FBI. We also know that the FBI has the success of Antifa as their top priority. We won't be the first to commit a violent act. But we will absolutely crush them in self-defense. The only thing I can say is that we may have some leeway in castle-doctrine or stand your ground states. One simple push (you know they're out for blood) and you can blow their head off.

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When will this shit-storm finally come to a head and these idiot edge-lord suburban kids get their real up-and-coming?

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