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/int/ got spammed the fuck out of and 4chan ddosed. mass ip's blocked yesterday, boards down today, screenshots of spam posts on /r/4chan. someone is trying to either be a little bitch, or hide something.

I wonder what kind of active threads were going on at the time. Wouldnt be the first time someone did this to censor 4chan.

EDIT: maybe related https://imgoat.com/uploads/b8619251a1/129862.png

EDIT: you can still access the archives of all boards if you type in the url https://boards.4chan.org/pol/archive

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This is the screenshot in the top left corner.

EDIT: And the screenshot within the screenshot. So.. Pizzagate shit apparently unless of course it's just the boards trolling us all?


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I call bullshit that pol was taken down for such nonsense. Harvard is full of kikes arguing we never really had any rights anyway. This Jewish “you can’t be offensive, goyim” is unadulterated bullshit. Not to mention these celebrities are the ones posting all of the offensive tweets, we’re just pointing it out.

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lol showing evidence of wrong doing lacks serious political value.

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What the fuck is dershowitz

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Some (((Harvard))) lawyer who has been involved in getting murderers off the hook, like OJ Simpson. (((Dershowitz))) was an appellate advisor for the OJ Trial.

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Couldn't search the net, right?

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The leading criminal appeals attorney in the US.

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thats old news, that came out like two weeks after it disappeared. Was proven fake news.

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Kikel infiltration. There's a thread on infinity. They fucking hate being named.

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That thread is balls. I'm really surprised there's not more halfchan fags here right now.

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infinity and half chan think voat is far more extreme than either of them. Their sensitive bitch asses stay a far breadth away from us even in times of crisis.

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Because we don't like users system. Anonymity is the best. Also, you don't want to have (Nazi/Israel hate/Kike hate) spam threads each minute, so don't call for 4chan users to come here. Nice site btw, sadly it looks like Plebbit.

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They'll get here, infinity is looking super sensitive right now.

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The entire website is kike-owned. What retard goes to cuckchan anymore?

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MySQL error. Doubt it's gone.

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They must've made the jews mad. I bet 100% it's because of exposing the Hollywood kike pedo's on twitter

Welcome here to Voat, peoples. Hope you enjoy your stay

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Sarah Silverman strikes again!

Edit: Looks like this is a shop. Damn shame.

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Is that really her? If it is then that cunt is even dumber than I thought.

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No, it isn't. It's a pic of her from an event with a phone shopped in front of it.

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Apparently the only thing people looking to verify the photo could see that was altered was possibly some touch up work done to her face. Can't let the wrinkles show when you're treathening people on the internet XD

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Hmmmm... I think this is quite telling, as well. Why take down the politically incorrect board AND the paranormal board.

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/x/ was channeling kek for us :(

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Subby's link is working for me. If this is what subby was seeing before, it's fixed now.

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Chances are that Hiroshima intentionally lets the site bleed to death because it doesn't earn him enough bucks and/or the Yakuza finally went after his ass.

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He makes a million bucks a year. So it makes sense now ....name connects with the 2chan founder Hiroyuki Nishimura originally shut down by an Oy Vey guy (((Debito)))? Yakuza would give zero fucks on international politics as long as he does not make waves in Jpn. A site Japan today asked Your income is reported to be around 100 million yen acquired from online ads and book sales. 'Yes, that's about right' he answered.

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