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"You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else"

Yeah, but it looks like Brits will be stuck in trying infinite amount of wrong things and never do the right thing.

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Exactly--and America did the right thing immediately about 15 years ago, when Haitians started showing up on the east coast of Florida, including bodies on the beaches--Bush worked with the state and the Coast Guard and enforced the strict interdiction policy, just turned all the Haitians back in their boats and sent back the ones that made it to land--Haitians stopped coming almost immediately, was a huge success(and to add icing on the cake, Trump is going to kick out the 53,000 Haitians across the country next year who Obama let in back in 2010 after the Earthquake)--But Pathetic Europe(Spain today and Italy 2014 thru 2017) did nothing when confronted with a black invasion--Italy did a 180 after the people voted, and now Salvini is becoming the hero of Italy and an inspiration to all of Europe

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It’s weird they wanna fox the problem but do everything except deal with the problem. Ehhh they’ll stop complaining eventually once the Muslims completely take control. Honestly I wish it would happen already I get tired of worrying about countries who don’t care for themselves.

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Blacks have more than doubled in Britain since 2001, mostly thanks to Tony Blair(and Gordon Brown later) as the blacks and Muslims just keep pouring in---Blacks cause 70% of the murders in London, and 38% of the Acid attacks epidemic--

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At least foxing the problem is environmentally friendly.

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Banning rap music. As much as I love the idea, it won't do anything. These nihilistic, fatherless degenerates are only going to keep increasing, because NOTHING is being done to kill the hydra.

It's not caused by guns or knives or acid or music. It caused by a society losing its teeth. The political, policing and legal systems only help and enable this scum.

The future looks bleaker every day. Where's the correction?

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Exactly. The music isn't inherently bad, they make it bad.

"Work hard and find a good wife. Never faulter with a life full of strife. Be proud of what you have and be proud of who you are. Look down on the debt slave with the financed new car." Etc.

But noooo. It's all:

"Boogaboogabooga git fuck monay git fuck bitches. Nigga fuck white git drugs yeah ghetto. Gucci guccigucci im so rich im the greatest. Mah, life's so gud I can't spell. Multipal felon been in jail 10 times. Can't git no job, fuck da polace."

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How do we get in touch with you? We see your potential in rap music.

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Ahm Jeezy da snowmayne fuck bitch bitches get chach ima da snowmayne, followed by a Grammy.

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Rax, I had to login just to upvoat boogaboogabooga.

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The violent nature of rap music is a reflection of the culture that produces it. Not the other way around.

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Feedback loop

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Everything, especially the taste for it is manufactured. There's nothing organic about your purchasing selections anymore

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It's caused by NIGGERS. I summed it up in just one word. That includes sand-niggers.

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Sand nigger rap has a bit of Ching Ching Chong sounds in it doesn’t it?

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If they ban plastic straws that'll probably solve the violence problem.

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Does this mean the Brits are going to be playing classical music in the tube station PA's again? I really liked that. It was very soothing. The third worlders didn't like it, which made it even more pleasurable.

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Selected works of Richard Wagner at top volume, anyone?

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I dunno. I always liked Gaetano Donizetti's act 2, scene 8 "Una Furtiva Lagrima" from his opera " L'elisir d'amore". It's so... passionate, despite being so beta.

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That is why Sharia law bans all music. No music no problems.

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Religion of peace and quiet.

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Wow, perhaps I'm part moslem. I already agreed with them on the faggots and jews, now I have to add peace and quiet to the list. Oh, and what about wahmans sufferage? I better get some bacon in me quickly.

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Worst part is that rap was invented by the English in the 4th century....... it was called “flyting” lol.

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I heard rap was invented by americans. It's called square dancing.

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I need a video series called Epic Square Dance Battles of History now.

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Rap music is non white music. Ban non whites, end of problem.

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Diversity is not strength. Multiculturalism is no culture at all.

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70% of murders are done by blacks in London, they have to do something

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If only there was a way they could control the number of blacks immigrating to their country...

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