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That's what happens when you set up a retirement system and then don't pay into it. When the stock market was doing good in the early 2000s the states didn't make the employer contribution like they were supposed to because the market gains were enough that the employee's contributions were covering everything on their own. So, like Democrats always love to do, they stole that money for other pet projects. When the market tanked they got caught with their pants down.

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It's also why you shouldn't tie pensions to an account fully invested in the market but handle it as a pay-go system like insurance does.

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Eliminate them and give the workers the responsibility of managing their retirement accounts.

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I don't get why they should be running a retirement system at all. Just pay people and let them make their own decisions with their own money.

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So corporations and or local governments can amass huge blocks of money that they can invest and then spend the interest. It's really a corporate scam....

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People are mostly too dumb to save. I think we should have a mandatory private retirement account, like social security but everyone is separate and you get what you pay in plus interest. And you can will the money to other people. The biggest problem with social security is that you pay 13% of your income into it, but if you die before you retire your posterity doesn't get shit.

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I think with legacy defined benefit its not suppose to be too overbloated either.... by law

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This is the result of the whoring of the politicians for the vote of the unions in their next election. Give us what we want, and our membership will vote for you. Thus you see the insanity of NYC's disability pensions for cops and firemen. 3/4 tax free pensions for life. Some of these retirees earn $2 to $4 thousand dollars a week, tax free, until death. And, if related to the World Trade Center, these pensions pass to the survivors. It's beyond belief. Tax free millionaires; each and every on of them.

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So Im very grateful to have emergency responders but not "hey government make sure they're millionaires, use my taxes if need be" levels of grateful

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Nobody would work in those jobs if it weren't for the benefits in NYC. They tried that with teachers, and NYC is experiencing a literal crisis hiring enough teachers for anything other than elementary education (Non-SPED or ELL) or History. Literally anyone with any college degree can become a teacher in NYC, and they STILL can't get enough warm bodies in the classroom.

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Apparently not ehh? Don’t hate on firefighters they didn’t do the bribing

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And guess who is going to end up paying to cover their colossal fuckups?

You and me of course! And we'll take it without lube too. And Democrats will laugh all the way to the bank.

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Not me, fuck it,don't need to be the last rat off this sinking ship. I'm moving to Poland.

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How are you learning the language? It's always been difficult for me.

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This is the driving force behind mass immigration, these bastards aren’t driven by any kind of altruistic force all they want is more votes and more money in their own funds at the detriment to society as a whole

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That’s how dirty they are. Sell out everything and everyone for a vote. It’s like you thought maybe they would have some dignity maybe just a LITTLE patriotism buried somewhere deep in their souls and you would be dead wrong.

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and this is what the liberal mindset gets you bankrupt. They should bring in business consultants and cut all social programs until they can meet their obligations. You know like NORMAL people do who overspend with credit!

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God forbid they cut some of the thousands of "programs" that they have no business spending tax dollars on.

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All blue states. I AM SHOCKED.

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Connecticut was recently hit by a crytpo locker attack that targeted the tax system. The libshits will say "russia" but all evidence is pointing to pissed off tax payer.

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