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While this all seems like the "cleansing" of Kalifornia, what you need to remember is that most of that area that is burning is NOT the lib infested bay area or los angeles. A lot of that area north/east of san francisco is conservative red state patriot territory. If we were watching SF or LA burn to the ground, we might be able to proclaim "hey, makes sense, they are reaping what they sow" but the burn area is definitely just as much conservative as it is lunatic left....


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Wait until the Civil War that they are calling for happens. . .

1) Hollywood Hills is gonna burn like wildfire 2) We're gonna snipe everyone fleeing the fire 3) Truckers will stop delivering food 4) We have ops to destroy their water supply 5) Hilarity will ensue . . as niggers devour each other


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So edgy. Such internet tough. So keyboard warrior skills. Such trump worship. So much larp.

You probably couldn’t find the Hollywood Hills on a map, anonymous internet tough guy.