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I once found a wallet, and returned it, but it's not a great story, because there was no cash in it. Some cards, and info, and the guy was super happy.


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I lost my debit card several months ago and didn't notice until a few days later (I don't use it often). When I called I found that someone had already called it in to cancel it the day I had lost it. That could have cost me a lot. Way back I found a camera, and in another case a phone, and in both cases was able to figure out the owner from photos and names (the phone was the hardest, since it had a passcode, but the microSD card had some photos, one with a picture of some insurance paper or something with a name). The lesson: put your name and email on your devices.


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Only put your name and any contact information on your belongings if you are not at any risk of kidnapping or espionage. Doing things like that is specifically what one is taught to never do.