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White kids.

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The sad thing is that this is news. This is what you would expect in a proper society.

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Society is dead. Now we have the Niggers, Jews, and Spics. I just hope they home school their kids. But even then, 10 years from now....... .. ........ ...... ......... .......

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Its not news its daily mail tabloid.

I wouldnt believe anything daily mail said if there is video proof of it happeneing.

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Coulter's Law corollary: if it's a good deed and race isn't mentioned, it was white.

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Was exactly my first thought.

I've been around some pretty immoral people when I worked for some shitty jobs. They didn't give a shit how small it was, if they could take it without getting caught, they would. Made no difference to them if it was only worth five bucks, or if it might have had a great deal of sentimental value to the owner, or have very sensitive information. They didn't give a shit the kind of impact it might have on the owner. There are far worse things to steal than just plain cash, and these people did not care whatsoever.

None of them were white. The whitest any of them got was a mixed race hispanic kid who just looked like he was never up to any good.

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Vid on YouTube showing a guy drop fake 100s next to black people, the results are what you would expect

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HOLY SHIT! THEY WERE BLACK TOO! Just kidding...niggers don't do the right thing. Just a couple of Aryan children, as expected.

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Privilege is earned.


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The privilege to be constantly berated by niggers and screeching leftists? Take that shit back. We don't want it.

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People of light just doing people of light things.

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While wearing Taylor Swift shirt.

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Surprised they ran this story since the kids weren't niglets.

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A niglet would never return the wallet. He would instead buy 3 pairs of Jordan's and a bag of weed.

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Damn good parenting. That's what that is. Those kids are going to be rewarded heavily for their kindness, and recognition of other people's potential hardships. I wouldn't put it past the internet to have a gofundme, or some shit, where the kids get well over $700 in cash, and/or prizes.

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If I found a wallet with lots of cash, I'd probably return it... well, I might check the ID photo and name first.

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I once found a wallet, and returned it, but it's not a great story, because there was no cash in it. Some cards, and info, and the guy was super happy.

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How would you return it without checking the ID?

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Matthew 6:20

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:


For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

I don't think heaven is a destination; it is something we always have access to.

That's why I can feel sorry for people who habitually do bad things. They are living their own personal version of Hell. And there's nothing God can do to stop them. Because God is good and He won't violate your consent (free will).

These kids have their reward. They will carry it forward through their lives always. And no one can take that from them.

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I don't think heaven is a destination; it is something we always have access to.

I'm alright with that.

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because God is good...

So good that he allows daily rapes, murders, torturing, etc.

Your "daddy-god" who watches everything and makes sure everyone is on the correct path does not exist.

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Black gay trans immigran......... PFFFF WHO AM I KIDDING WE ALL KNOW THEY WERE WHITE KIDS. (The people of the light).

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Such anti-Semitic morals!

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The left will see this as racist somehow.

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"Rich white privilege! They should have left the wallet for oppressed black people to pick it up and use for themselves."

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