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I guess Hillary Clinton was passing through Iowa the last 2 weeks and needed to refuel.

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800,000 children go missing in the US each year

(more than cancer deaths)

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I got an alert on my phone once. 3 AM. Had work the next day.

I thought it was a tornado. No sir, it was a kidnapping.

Turns out the father had 'kidnapped' the child from the drug addict mother.

After that incident I turned amber alerts off.

800K a year is probably custody disputes ad bullshit like parents leaving with their kids to avoid child-abduction services.

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That's an effing insane stat.

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I'm not buying it. Source?

And how may are found within 48 hours?

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Growing up my Dad would never let me out of his sight. I never understood why but as I got older and learned about the world he explained that girls like me (blonde, blue eyed cute etc) are huge targets for pedos and sex traffickers. Now that i am 17 I have a very strong sense of my surroundings and never go anywhere shady or get myself into situations where I would be alone or defenseless. I don't even go to the local mall alone. I knew growing up older men and perverts would watch me, but I was always with my dad and i felt safe.

That said, if we killed all the Jews this issue would mostly go away.

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"...if we killed all the jews..." Damn, Steffi!

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Link is to stage two (The Interview - This is where the criminal decides if you are safe to attack.) of the five stages of violent crime. You can find it on other sites if you like. Well worth the read if you're unfamiliar.

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I have 2 blue eyed, blonde haired daughters myself. I understand how your dad felt.

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Sounds like you have a good protective father and an internet education. If I knew at 17 what I know now I would have avoided those damn jews (mortgage/college/etc.) What a nice system the jews have setup for themselves eh?

As you get older don't lose awareness. New situations come with new threats like going to a bar and having your drink spiked. Trust your gut!

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I don't drink and I don't plan on it. I prefer green tea. I want to become a vet because I like animals, so I kinda have to do the college thing. But yeah, dad told me all about Jewish tricks and how to spot them.

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This is all Trump's fault . He slowed the deep state human trafficking supply across the border so now the pedos have to shop locally

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Iowa is in there. Surprisingly, so is Broward county Florida. I'm a guess it's the military funding their black ops operations along with the semites.

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Damn, that article is messed up. Should probably just gas them instead of letting them go. Or make another penal colony like Australia.

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After reading this I'm reminded of an article I read talking about some algorithm that stimated 2,000 serial killer's are in the U.S..

Serial killer categories "Missionaries" believe they're on quests to rid the world of immoral people, "black widows" marry and kill multiple husbands, "bluebeards" are men who kill exclusively women, either for money or to be feel powerful. "Angels of death" are professional female caretakers or nurses who kill their patients, "trollers" meet their victims by chance, and "trappers" monitor their victims ahead of time or situate themselves in professions where potential victims come to them.

Crazy shit

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The missionaries seem like we might want to keep them around in a totally corrupt socirty.

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Can't wait til we build an AI algorithm capable of predicting where these people are or the scenarios that are make it easy to find them in. I'm not advocating thought police / minority report shit but those areas would be the best place to focus something to deter the crazy from happening...something like targeted advertising for therapy, or self-defence class.

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There was a guy in the Midwest who created a computer program that was successfully targeting pedophiles. He was interviewed on Oprah Winfreys show years ago. At this point, no one has found a you tube of that episode.

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What about people that wait for the chance to kill in self defense legally? Florida must have a bunch of those with the stand your ground law.

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Look at the dates on the Satanic calendar for July.


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Jul 20-26:
Abduction, ceremonial preparation and holding of sacrificial victim for Grand Climax

Jul 27: Grand Climax (5 weeks, 1 day after summer solstice)
Abuses = oral, anal, vaginal, human sacrifice
Victim Type = female (child or adult)

A day too late for them now. That Blood Moon was likely a big deal too.

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Yeah... Yesterday was tough. August 1 is another day of sacrifice.

Look at Christmas Eve, and then recall that Podesta email with Herb Sandler. I wonder if Podesta sent him baby body parts. The email about playing dominos on cheese or pasta.

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Why can't they just sacrifice each other and implode their own psychotic group for the "larger" purpose?

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27's are usually an important number for these evil fucks. They probably created this stupid calendar to match up to their ceremonies and sync with celestial events. The 27th would be the date I would take them out in one swoop with my anti-evil task force. When I get my superpowers I'll invite you to the team since you seem more aware than others.

More on the calendar: there should be 13 months (moons), not twelve, each month should have an even 28 days, the month names should align numerically (Dec=10 but its the 12th month, Oct=8 but its the 10th month, Sept=7 but its the 9th month, etc) - damn those jews. This means 9/11 was really 7/11 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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Fucking insane.

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Not too insane when you consider the fact that the midwest is where Obama dumped thousands upon thousands of somalian savages

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Isn't funny how when we already had a massive nigger crisis to begin with and then they just bring in more...what kind of crazy world are we living in....

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Teens, not children. 15 is not a child anymore. This has to be human trafficking and I bet it's all being carried out by the same people.

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