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Someone needs to PURGE these "me-too" liars, how many guys have been attacked by lying faggots and dykes.....?

But sure, everyone in Hollywood is a baby raper, same with the music industry, same must be true of the "churches", did we leave out the politicians and your mom? Cuz I fucked her too, and she paid me well.

Meanwhile Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune still looks 11 years old and is way older...............


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Good. Hanging's too good for him.


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He was tight with the new pope, and shilled immigration, now outed as a sex offender


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All in they sin then admonish themselves,

placing fake virtue up on the highest shelf

Jesus on his knees pleasing the disease,

Satan smiles as the pope jerks off himself

Playing with boys as if they were toys

Sickening freaks prey on the weak

Soon justice will come to judge the scum

We will see whom is righteous,

who has the virtue to speak

For those who believe